Title : Important of Organizing In management, organizing is very important to a manager. It is because managers are responsible for arranging work to accomplish the organization project. Organizing is defined as the process of create an organization structure. This function includes determine what tasks are to be done, who is to do them, or how the tasks are to be made. Why organizing is important to managers when they manage an organization project? It is because organizing cans specialization to an organization. It means that it can help organization to create specialization in their works.

This can look a manager skill when they organize in an organization. Managers must specialize to doing something to look like expert. It is because they need to be organizing properly in their works and the jabs must be divided. For example, if every organization is specialization in their department, it will look more professional and expert or it can earn more different benefit. Organizing is important to well defined job. Everyone must clear with what they need to do and job description. It is because it can avoid conflict and do the project effectively.

It will make their understanding what are responsibilities and take what action to do it. For example, an organization must putting right person on job with correct tools and equipment to make organization run smoothly. Every employee should to their job that are given when their run a project. Besides that, organizing is important to make clanfies authority. It means that every employee must know who should they want to listen or who is above and below in department. It is because it can make their position clearly and avoid conflict.

Then, everyone should principle of one boss at a time. If not, they will undermine authority. For example, manager and superior. The manager is more power than superior. So, superior cannot over authority than manager. If not, the positions will same with manager. Then, superior must obey the order that give by manager. Coordination also is the reason that why organizing is important. In this way, coordination is defined equal to linking pin structure. It means that an organization must meet all leader departments to make decision and discussion.

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Every department must learn from what another department is doing to reduce conflict. It is because they understand the environment in which they are operating. For example, marketing department must know the condition of budget or wealth and properties of Account department. It can make Marketing department know the problems that Account department faced and can reduce costs to run a project. Organizing can make organization effective in administration. It means that an organization have effective system. Every management has different system.

So, it can support the management run smoothly. It includes specialization, well defined job, clarifies authority and coordination. For example, the manager of Human Resources must use correct system to manage their department. If not, it may let the department run slowly or increase costs and waste time. The system of Human Resources department have responsibility and authority for deciding what type of training that workers need, when they need it, or what from that training should take to specialize in various activities of concern. Organizing also can make growth and diversification.

It means that an organization is standardized and must have a good organizing in management. It is because any company has different types of people, like different races, ages, behavior, value or personality. For example, Shin Yang Sdn. Bhd. This is a big company, so they employ many different type of professional people to help them manage the organization. Organizing is important for sense of security. Managers have responsibility to give security to their subordinates. Managers must take action that can comfort the emotion of employee when the company faces the problem.

For example, if a company wants face to dissolation, manager must enough money and repay to their employee, like give more three month of salary to their employee to help them solve problem of money before they find a new job. Scope of new change also is the reason that why organizing is important to an organization. This includes five element effective management. There are motivating change, creating vision of change, developing management support, managing the transition of change and sustaining the momentum of change.

Changing is need in an organization because changing may let the company to earn more beneficial. For example, manager must create objective or target to achieve before changes because they will not loss their map. Manager must know what changes that the organization needs. If not, changes may bring a lot of problem to an organization. In conclusion, organizing is very important to an organization. It is because organizing may influence the life of an organization. So, managers have responsibility to manage them correctly with their skills, knowledge and behavior.


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