The Importance of Education and Work

No matter your specific major, a college education provides many opportunities to develop a range of skills and abilities that will enhance your candidacy in the ever-increasing competitiveness of today’s job market. You will also have access to job search resources not available to the general public. Education is also a major factor in future earnings. According to the U. S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), as of 2008, persons without a high school diploma earned a median of $453 a week in the job market; high school graduates, $618 a week; associate degree or technical certificate holders, $757 a week; bachelor’s degree graduates, $1,012 a week; master’s degree graduates, $1,233 a week; professional degree (such as a law degree) holders, $1,531 a week; and doctoral degree graduates, $1,561 a week. Also according to the BLS, the more education you have, the less likely you are to become unemployed.

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Evidence of Discipline Graduating from a four-year college program shows potential employers that you have the discipline to remain with a goal over the longer term. Develops Communication Skills Arising from the many papers you will need to write as part of your college education, you will graduate with highly developed writing ability across a range of genres. You will also have sharpened your speaking skills from participating in class discussions, making presentations or being part of a debate team.

Develops Higher-Order Thinking Skills College study will help you to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that are highly valued by most employers. Fosters a Team Orientation In college, you will have the opportunity to participate in many team-oriented extracurricular activities, from those of a sports nature to debate teams. In each instance, you will have the opportunity to develop skills in collaboration and negotiation. Access to College Placement Office A great source of job leads is the college placement office which obtains new postings nearly every day.

These may be for full-time jobs for upcoming graduates, or part-time and seasonal work for current students. The placement office also receives notices of volunteer and internship opportunities that can provide wonderful resume enhancing experience. Alumni Associations Graduating from college also provides the opportunity to be part of the alumni association which is a great source of networking. Members of the association may be able to provide you with both job leads and viable referrals.