Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility

1 | Page ACKNOWLEDGEMENT Words are indeed inadequate to convey our deep sense of gratitude to all those who have helped us in the completion of this project.

Since it was a field project it required a lot of input from the companies which we have done the study on. They have given their valuable time and effort in order to provide us with the required information and answer our queries. First, we would like to thank Mrs.

Krishna Hazarika, Manager(Public Relations), Oil India Limited for giving us an opportunity to visit their office in Sector 16-A, Noida also providing valuable inputs on the CSR activities in OIL.She also provided us with the budget sanctioning figures for CSR activities. We would like to thank Mr.

Sameer Wadhawan VP (Coca Cola India & south west Asia) for giving us an opportunity to visit their office in Gurgaon and also providing valuable inputs on the CSR activities in Coke. He also provided us with the budget sanctioning fgures for CSR activities Next we would like to express our gratitude towards Mr. SriJan Srivastava, Head (R&D HR and Campus Recrutiment), Dabur who provided us the view of Dabur’s CSR activities. Without his help it would be have been a difficult task for us to compile the nformation on Dabur’s CSR activities.We would like to thank Mrs Avantika Dwivedi HR (Bisleri International) for giving us an opportunity to visit their office in Ghaziabad and also providing valuable inputs on the CSR activities in Coke.

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She also provided us with the budget sanctioning fgures for CSR activities. Last but not the least, we express our sincerest thanks to Mrs. RanJana Aggarwal, our faculty for Business, Government and Society in India for giving us this wonderful opportunity to venture out and explore the things we could not have learnt in the theory classes.

This project gave us a hands-on experience and he learning we got from this project is immense. 2 | Page Table of Contents INTRODUCTION ??” 4 2. STUDY OF CSR ACTIVITIES OF COMPANIES 5 2. 1 . COCA COLA 5 2. 1. 1 CSR at COCA COLA INDIA ??” 5 2. 1.

2 Projects Undertaken ??” 6 2. 1. 3 coca oa NDIV support My scnool Oil India Limited Campaign . 7 2.

2. 8 2. 2. 1 CSR at OIL INDIA ??” . 8 2. 2.

2 projects Undertaken . 9 2. 2. 3 Major CSR Activities of the Corporate Office of Oil India 10 2. 2. 4 Awards and Recognitions ??” ??” . 0 2. 3.

DABUR 11 23 1 CSR at Dabur 11 2. 4. BISLERI 13 2. 4. 1 CSR at Btslen 13 3 | Page 1. INTRODUCTION Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is known by many names which are corporate responsibility, corporate accountability, corporate ethics, corporate citizenship, responsible entrepreneurship, and “triple bottom line,” to name Just a few. Now as CSR become increasingly synonymous with modern businesses, there is a trend of stating it as “responsible competitiveness” or “corporate sustainability.

CSR as of today is an evolving concept that currently doesn’t have any universally accepted definition. Generally, CSR is thought to be the way by which firms integrate social, environmental and economic concerns into their values, ethics ,culture, ecision making, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner and thereby establish better practices and policies in the firm, create wealth for the stakeholders and improve society. The World Business Council for Sustainable Development has described CSR as the business contribution to sustainable economic development.Having a base of compliance with legislation and regulations, CSR typically includes “beyond law’ commitments and activities pertaining to: ??? Corporate governance and ethics; ??? Health and safety; ??? Environmental stewardship; ??? Human rights (including core labor rights); ?? Sustainable development; ??? Conditions of work (including safety and health, hours of work, wages); ??? Industrial relations; A very important point to remember that there are two separate drivers for CSR.One relates to public policy as the impacts and effects of the business sector are so huge, and its potential results can be positive or negative, so it is obvious that governments and wider society take a close look at what business does.

We conclude that expectations from businesses are rising; governments are looking for ways to increase the positive contribution of business. The second driver is the driver of Duslness wnere, CSR can De vlewea as Dotn costs (e. g. , 0T Introauclng new approaches) or benefits (e. g. , of improving brand value, or introducing products that meet sustainability demands).The remainder of this guide addresses the second of these drivers. 4 page 2.

STUDY OF CSR ACTIVITIES OF COMPANIES 2. 1. COCA COLA INDIA The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s largest beverage company and is the world’s mostvaluable brand, the Company markets four of the world’s top five soft drink brands, including Diet Coke, Fanta and Sprite and a wide range of other beverages, ncluding diet and light soft drinks, water, Juices and Juice drinks, tea, coffee and sports drinks. Through one of the world’s largest beverage distribution system, consumers in more than 200 countries enjoy the Company’s beverages at a rate exceeding 1. billion servings each day.

2. 1. 1 CSR at COCA COLA INDIA 0 Project Anandana Key focus areas Water Sustainability 0 Watershed Management, Protection and Development 0 Purification of the riverine system 0 Creation of Integrated Water Bodies 0 Water resources education.

Climate control and environment 0 Creation of non-conventional energy resources 0 Extension of forest cover Protection of biodiversity 0 Waste Management practice in sensitive areas 0 Creating & spreading awareness about low carbon economy in society. Page Healthy living. 0 Fitness promotion and active lifestyles in society 0 Addressing the issues of malnutrition and how to overcome. 0 Advocating indigenous system of healthcare 0 Devoting attention to needs of physically/ mentally challenge Inclusive social Development Literacy Drive in backward areas Preserving the National heritage Nationwide campaign to promote social messages 2. 1.

2 Projects Undertaken project UNNATI Water Sustainability Project, Bundelkhand PROJECT JYOTISolar Lantern Project, Rajasthan 6 Page PROJECT IJJALA PROJECT NEERJAL Solar lighting project Rajasthan & Bihar Water Sustainability in Rajasthan PROJECT SANTUSHTI A potable Water project in Rajasthan 2. 1. 3 Coca-Cola NDTV Support My School Campaign The latest edition of the campaign received an overwhelming response from people across different sections of the society and generated 13.

5 crores, with the Bollywood, big corporate houses, and politicians everyone contributing wholeheartedly for this noble cause to raise funds, and NDTV as a partner in its mission to make a difference to as many schools as possible across the country.With the funds generated through the telethon, NDTV and Coca-Cola along with CAF, UN-Habitat, World Vision, Plan India and Pearson will reach out to transform 272 schools across the length and breadth of the county providing sanitation, separate toilets facilities for girls and boys, drinking water, sports, recreational facilities, libraries and along with improvement in their overall Intrastructure ana envlronment. 71 page 2. 2. Oil India Limited (OIL) OIL is an upstream petroleum company in India and holds the distinction of being the only PSU along with ONGC to be involved in upstream petroleum activities.They re the second largest hydrocarbon exploration & production (E&P) public sector Company in India.

Their corporate office is in Sector 16-A, Noida whereas their operational headquarters is in DuliaJan, Assam. They are currently engaged in the business of exploration, development and production of crude oil and natural gas, transportation of crude oil and production of liquid petroleum gas 2. 2. 1 CSR at OIL INDIA OIL has been involved in CSR activities for long.

They are a company that has given due importance to give something back to the society.Many of their CSR activities are focused in and around the operation area i. . Assam.

It is characterized by all round development of the communities of OIL operational areas. OIL maps its internal and external stakeholders. Then it identifies the disadvantaged and marginalized stakeholders mainly through Need assessment studies Baseline surveys Feasibility studies It further conducts research and formal audits to ensure that it is properly implemented and if there is a scope for improvement. The management ensures that it is done on a regular basis.The budget sanctioning for the CSR is done at OIL at different levels and is shown in the table below 8 | Page 2. 2. 2 Projects Undertaken Project Rupantar – Flagship CSR project of OIL Project Sparsha 9 | Page Project AS UTKARSH – super 30 Project Dikhya Educational Fairs and Institutions Health Initiatives Agriculture projects 2. 2.

3 Major CSR Activities of the Corporate Office of Oil India Limited ??? Processing of all the CSR Proposals forwarded by the Fields (Assam & Arunachal Pradesh) and other offices of Oil India Limited like Kolkata, Guwahati, Moran, etc.Processing of all the CSR Proposals forwarded by the Projects – Rajasthan, KG Basin (Kakinada), Cauvery Basin, Bay Exploration Project (Bhubaneswar) and also from the various Projects abroad. Processing of the requests for advertisements, financial assistance, etc. received at the Corporate Office (Noida) from the Ministries – both Central & States, Local Bodies, Social Organizations, etc. , which are recommended by Chairman & Managing Director, Oil India Limited. Replying to all the RaJya Sabha & Lok Sabha Questions on any CSR activity of Oil India Limited forwarded by the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, New Delhi.

2 4 Awards ana Recognltlons OIL has got many awards and recognitions for its CSR activities some of which are 101 page Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2002 TERI Corporate Social Responsibility Award, 2004 Golden Peacock Award for Corporate Social Responsibility for the year 2012 The 13th Annual Greentech Environment Award for the year 2012. 2. 3. DABUR INDIA Dabur is the biggest Ayurveda medicine manufacturer in India. It was opened by Dr SK Burman, a general physician in state of Bengal in 1884.He founded Dabur to develop and dispense Ayurveda medicines at cheap cost to villagers. He developed Ayurveda medication for different diseases such as malaria and cholera.

Dabur’s Ayurveda Department has more than 260 ayurvedic medicines for treating a ide range of diseases and body ailments-from normal cold to chronic paralysis. 2. 3. 1 CSR at Dabur India For sustained growth a company should do betterment of society. At Dabur CSR is defined as “conducting business in ways that provide social, environmental and economic benefits for the communities and geographies where we operate. Dabur’s CSR activities are driven by Sustainable Development Society or SUNDESH, a result of the vision of Dabur India Ltd founder Dr. S.

K Burman who was a true visionary. SUNDESH SUNDESH was formed to ensure overall social and economic development and rowth of the rural as well as urban poor population. It mainly aims towards poor and weaker sections 0 Women Children unemployed 11 | Page SUNDESH operates from Ghaziabad and Gautam Budha Nagar district of western Uttar Pradesh. Recently it has also started working from Rudrapur district of Uttarakhand.

The noteworthy issues that it has undertaken over the years are: 0 Children Literacy Improving healthcare services in poor area Skill development Waste management to prevent environmental degradation CSR activities undertaken by SUNDESH Formation of Self Help Groups and micro credit groups to remove poverty and rovide finance for small budget businesses. Adult Literacy and Vocational Training is provided by Sundesh in rural areas. It provides education to women in the age group of 14-35 years.Presently Sundesh is operating from the functional Literacy centers in Nidhawali, Nidhori, Madapur, Tatarpur, Dhera, KaJiwara, Malanda and Lalpur villages. After getting education, these women were again given training in various self employment generating activities such as cutting and tailoring, food preservation, mehandi, mushroom cultivation etc. Sundesh also gives education to needy children between 6-14 years of age by holding lasses at village centers and encourages them to seek formal education. Sundesh also provides special education to child laborers (8-13 years of age) under National Child Labor Project.

21 page 2. 4. BISLERI Bisleri is a mineral water company owned by Mr Ramesh J Chauhan. Jayantilal Mohanlal Chauhan purchased the company in 1965 from its original owner Felice Bisleri. Bisleri was first introduced in Mumbai in 1965. Originally it was introduced in two varletles 0T glass Dottles DuDDly ano s Ill t . Blslerl announced Its expanslon Into Europe in 2003. Bisleri has captured whooping 36% market share in packaged rinking mineral water in India.

It comes in 8 packs: 250 ml cup, 250 ml bottle, 500ml bottle, 1 litre bottle, 1. litre bottle, 2 litre bottle, 5 litre bottle and 20 litre mega bottle. The Bisleri brand is so popular that it is used synonymous with packaged mineral water. 1 . The Bisleri trust is also known as Jayanti Lal Chauhan Trust OCERT) which works extensively in areas of rain water harvesting and ground water augmentation. 2. The trust completed successfully 35 projects of check dam construction and managed to conserve around 10 thousand million liters of rain water which help in conservation f rain water post monsoons and as a result of which the rise of water levels in the village wells. .

To bring happiness in the minds of young children, an art event was organized for 30 underprivileged children on the eve of children’s day as well as the children of its employees. 4. Bisleri is an organization which is leading from the front in bringing change to the lives of the people.

Some initiatives of Bisleri involve small communities, while others involve the large population, but all these are the part of Aqua Green Revolution. 5. Bisleri is pioneer in recycling of pet bottles which is a part of the Aqua Green Revolution.The Bottles are crushed and re-processed and are used as raw material in various industries, which has very good economic value. And it is evident from the fact that Reliance is one of the biggest buyers of recycled PET bottles. 6.

Bisleri is changing the lives of rag pickers. They provide profit to 56 rag pickers and 22 scrap dealers from Dharavi. These rag pickers work from Sam-I lam and Bisleri purchase 5000 kg of PET waste every month from them. The rag pickers are also involved in providing PET waste to reliance industries which they recycle to produce a raw material which is used in asphalt for the construction of road. 131 page


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