The Six Sigma deals with business management capabilities which were at first put in place by Motorola. Today this initiative plays a wide application in several industrial sectors. It seeks to increase the quality of production by discovering and eliminating causes of errors (defects) and differences in processing and manufacturing products. It mainly focuses on quality management that involves statistical tactics that create an infrastructure of employees in the company who are experienced in these methods.

Each of the six Sigma follows a definite way that targets quantification of financial market which means profit increase or reduction in cost. The study looks into implementation of six sigma in the Aviation and military industry. In doing these I will look at the following areas: market audit, micro environmental concept, Controlling strategies, ISO 9001:2000, EN9100:2003 and ISO 14000, Aviation and Military authorities, GRESS, Nadap, SWOT Analysis Paradigm, Internal survey and job levels Six Sigma strategies in Aviation and Military Market Auditing

This is an elaborate independent, periodic and systematic analysis of an organization business premises and marketing framework. The aim is to extract the objectives policies and the activities within the organization or business unit. This will help in recommending a final plan of action so that the company’s marketing performance is enhanced (Kotler and Keller, 2006). Any marketing environment is comprises of external and internal forces and the actors that real affect the incumbent company. The factors are subdivided into macro environment and the micro environment.

The aim of environmental scanning is to discover new opportunities within the business unit (Kotler and Keller, 2006). Macro environmental attributes real affect the aviation and military industry. But in regards to the implementation of the six sigma process the major concern is what these factors have created on the market arena. This includes the need for all areas to be improved, improving faster and then the need for a methodology that is well structured to fulfill these factors. Indeed any successful company recognizes these needs.

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On the other hand micro environmental factors include competitors, customers, authorities and even suppliers. These factors affect both directly and even indirectly on one another within the business environment. Micro environment Concept We are going to find out how far Six Sigma implementation has affected both the aviation and the military industry. This means that which of the customers and competitors undergone the implementation of Six Sigma Moreover is there a possibility that six sigma would be one of the requirement for customers in these industries in the future.

It becomes vital to annalyse the marketing micro-environment structure, customers, the competitors to the aviation industry and potential friends (partners) and their individual six sigma implementation: Whenever competitors, customers, and potential friends (partners) of any Aviation or military industry are part of the organization leadership then it is imminent that their necessity for cooperation in the Six Sigma can soon be needed as the supplier to the company or partner with the company.

• We may also predict that a requirement should have Six Sigma or be implemented It’s also necessary to create trust within the stakeholders that to implement Six Sigma is one of the right things to opt for. • We can also find real suitable partners within our benchmarks • Implementing a culture of speaking same language that will attract customers and our competitors. Six Sigma is one of the real strategies alive and well benefiting aviation and military industries . Michael M (April 2006) stated that it’s not surprisingly that the Aviation and military sector having capacity of 500 fortunes and more are indeed all capitalizing on the Six Sigma strategies.

Real examples of companies that have implemented Six Sigma are General Dynamic, Boeing, Goodrich, Honeywell International, L3 Communications, Northrup Grumman, Lockhead Martin, Raytheon, Textron, and United Technologies. In iSixSigma Magazine (Jan to Feb 2007) dispassment Michael Marx the iSixSigma research and analysis manager, stated that the 500 Fortune companies have within the past 25 years invested approximately $427 billion. These estimates are real based on investment report that is linked to the Six Sigma from public documents.

He adds, “About 55 percent of 600 fortune military Aviation industries are now using Six Sigma strategies but indeed this figure advances to 82 percent when you annalyse for only 100 industries”. If we real annalyse from the internet aviation industries that indeed have opted for Six Sigma implementation and compare their partners, competitors and potential customers we realize they all have implemented Six sigma . Examples of these companies include Airbus Augusta FMV Mog, EADS Liebher, BAE System, Dieh Aerospace Honeywell, Boeing GE Rockwell Collins and Goodrich Sikorsk Aircraft Corporation.

Controlling strategies We discuss the control strategies that has been implemented and applied to the aviation and military industries. Furthermore their possible weaknesses which indeed imply that weakness got when we are implementing Six Sigma strategies. The most possible of these are not internal limitations which include structure of the industry (organization), the culture of the organization and competence with other industries, it also include the external limitations such as rules and regulations (laws) and the requirements of customers (customer needs)which apply to the industry and have to be obeyed.

If these factors do can interrelate within a Six Sigma culture system moreover the reporting together with the approval processes of Aviation and military industries then it would be possible to improve and modify the internal process that indeed beneficial and well paying. We can also have the these processes to be documented then tested, proved to be effective, their quality approved and even audited in some cases .


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