Immigration now days The family was walking in a dusty terrain; they were in the middle of nowhere, without food, water or any type of communication. With almost five hours walking they arrived to the “dream land”. Hundreds of families like this one try the impossible to immigrate to the U. S. every day. Immigration is a very important topic in the United States, the government is trying to regulate policies to help these families out, but the tension of the state and the difference of opinion make this topic a biggest issue.

Immigration can help to develop a country in many different ways, such as helping he economy and creating a cultural diversity in American society. Many people argue whether or not immigration helps the economy, but economist and records from the past says the opposite. In the article “5 Myths about Immigration” we see many facts that prove that opposed to the critic. As record numbers of retirees begin drawing Social Security checks, younger immigrant workers will be paying taxes, somewhat easing the financial pressures on the system (Doris Meissner 2010).

Immigration also stimulates growth by creating new consumers, entrepreneurs and investor. WithoulNt immigration U. S workers without a high school degree experience wage declines as a result of competition from immigrants, but these losses are modest, at Just over 1 percent. Economist also estimates that for each Job an immigrant fills, an additional Job is created. Numerous of Native Americans estipulate that a cultural diversity in the United States will only create an imbalance society.

This issue is because the concept of diversity of society has never been clearly defined (Kenneth J. Pakenham 2004), people inevitably use their own experience to lead to different s approaches to this topic. Common sense tell that eople cannot be full members of a new society if they are not willing to adapt and use the new society’s cultural rules at least some of the time. This topic is been argued frequently in this country, many people are in favor that immigrants are a problem to the country.

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On the other hand there are ones that tells the opposite, due to the fact that immigration has proven how they benefit the country and the society in many ways, such as economic and cultural ways. Even though in some of the cases immigration is seen in a bad view, and is because the majority of the people are bad inform about the problem, is not as it is show. Americans should see and study more the advantages than the disadvantages, because in some way there is more advantages in this big topic.

In conclusion to this interesting topic we found out that the economy of this country has been improved in many different ways, and the cultural diversity is not such a problem as many people seems to argue about it. United States is a country of opportunity, which their laws as the multiculturalism has made immigration been more establish in the country and made it benefit to all at the same time. Immigration argumentative essay By Nitesh-Mayani


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