Imagine a human that seems to never do wrong.Imagine a human that can turn the defective into the perfect utensil. Imagine a human that can change a hardship into an abundant life.

Calvin Coolidge’s quiet, yet honest personality seemed to be just what the country needed during his presidency. Prior to the beginning of his term. The Teapot Dome oil scandal, was a bribery incident, involving  the former President Harding and other government officials which took the country by surprise. By cleaning up the scandals and showing support for businesses, the economy  began to thrive as a result of Coolidge.

The 1920s was changed dramatically socially and politically. For the first time, more Americans lived in urban communities instead of typical rural areas . From this change, The United States total capital more than doubled between 1920 through 1929. All of this happened during Coolidge 1923-1929 presidential term.
During this era, The Administration had a primary focus on reducing an increasing large war debt, followed by reducing high wartime tax rates. This was accompanied by an unceasing effort to make the governmental establishment operate efficiently and economically. 

furthermore he also created the Bureau of the Budget, he believed economy in government is the centerpiece of their administration. Economy in government meant a balanced budget, tax rates that were low and reasonable, and paying down the national debt. Which helped the average American person economically. President Coolidge himself also made a pioneering use of the radio to reach out twice annually to the American people to report on the progress of his economic program.

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In addition , Coolidge had compassion  towards many Indian tribes that were living in poverty, after decades of legal persecution and forced assimilation.Therefore,  he signed the Indian Citizenship Act, which granted full U.S. citizen rights to all Native Americans. 
because he signed it the issue of tribal sovereignty came up. On the contrary the legislation stated that the granting of such citizenship would not in any manner affect the right of any Indian tribal or other property


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