Imagine that you are a film director

Act 1, Scene 5 is probably one of the most important scenes in the play.

This scene is significant because Romeo catches sight on Juliet on the dance floor, and is immediately attracted to her. They both meet up in this scene. This scene also illustrates the beginning of Romeo and Juliet’s love. At the end of this scene the audience would be feeling broken hearted and sad, because they know that Romeo and Juliet are both going to die someway. The audience know this because it is mentioned in the prologue that ” A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life” This means that Romeo and Juliet are going to die for each other.In this scene Romeo gatecrashes the Capulet’s party at the Capulet’s house. The reason for him gate crashing this party is because he was in search of Rosaline.

Romeo is seriously attracted to Rosaline. Instead of finding Rosaline, he notices Juliet and is attracted to her and deeply in love with her. This is called love at first sight.

During this party at the Capulet’s house Tybalt spots Romeo gate crashing the party and gets really furious and irritated. This makes Tybalt very heated and so he wants to take revenge and kill Romeo for good.Lord Capulet does not allow Tybalt to kill Romeo because he does not want the party to get ruined.

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Another reason for Lord Capulet stopping Tybalt to kill Romeo is that Lord Capulet has heard that Romeo is a well-respected person. Romeo and Juliet get to kiss twice. Romeo finds out that Juliet is a Capulet from her nurse and Juliet finds out that Romeo is a Montague. This makes Romeo think twice on what he is doing because the Capulat’s and the Montague’s are enemy families.In this paragraph of my coursework I am going to select actors to play different characters in the film. I have chosen Robert De Nero for Lord Capulet because I think Robert De Nero fits in perfect with the character of Lord Capulet. Robert De Nero is a great actor and in most of his films he is a gangster and acts a very powerful and aggressive man. He has a very powerful personality and can act in many different ways.

Robert De Nero is also about the same age as Lord Capulet as well. In the play Lord Capulet seem to speak in a very deep and loud tone.”Am I the master here, or you?” This tells us that Lord Capulet is a well respected man and has a lot of power. An advantage for having Robert De Nero is that he would attract lots of people to the cinemas and is very famous around the world. Robert De Nero will suit the roll of Lord Capulet.For the character of Tybalt I have selected Vin Diesel because he can act very aggressive and can fight decently as well.

Vin Diesel has a big structure and is a very strong man. Vin Diesel usually stars in action films because he is a good entertainer. We know that Tybalt is a short-tempered person and loses his temper very quickly. We know this because when he notice Romeo gate crashing the party he says “This, by the voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier boy”. This shows us that Tybalt is a short-tempered person and wants to kill Romeo there and then.

For the character of Romeo I have chosen to use Enrique Iglasius because he is handsome, young and is attracted by women a lot. Enrique sings love songs and so I think he makes a good match for the character of Romeo. In most of his love songs he ends them by being a hero to a pretty girl. Similarly Romeo is a hero for Juliet but does not end to be. I think this is a good reason for using Enrique to play the roll of Romeo. Another good point is that in all of his songs he kisses a girl. Romeo is a very romantic and confident person because Juliet says to him that ” You kiss by th’ book” This tells us that Romeo is an expert at kissing similar to Enrique who is also an expert kisser. Romeo is also a very well respected person in Verona.

We know this because Lord Capulet says “Verona brays of him to be a virtuous and well governed youth”. This tells us that Lord Capulet does not want to kill him because he knows what respect he carries.To act as Juliet I have chosen Victoria Beckham also known as posh spice because she looks quite young, she is very attractive and can act very realistically. Juliet is a very beautiful and pretty lady in Romeo’s eyes. We know this because Romeo says “Beauty too rich for use, for earth to dear”. In this speech he is trying to say that Juliet is too pretty and gorgeous for this world.

“So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows”. Here Romeo is saying that Juliet is very pretty and stands out in her family, as if she were a beautiful white dove and here family being a troop of black crows. “For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night”.

This speech by Romeo tells us how good looking and charming Juliet really is. This means that through out Romeo’s whole life he’s not seen such an attractive female until now. All these quotes tell the audience how attractive and good-looking Juliet really is. I think that Victoria Beckham is also very good-looking and attractive and would perfectly suit the role of Juliet.In this part of my course work I am going to describe then setting for the feast scene.

I would set this scene in a very big room to show Lord Capulet’s wealth. The room would be big because one of the servant’s says, “You are looked for and called for, asked for and sought for, in the great chamber”. This line tells us that the Capulet’s are very rich because you have to search for the family and ask around for someone when you need them. This shows how big and wealthy the house is. I would place musicians in the room to make the party more exciting and stimulating. Lord Capulet says ” Come, musicians, play”. Lord Capulet here is ordering and bullying the musicians to play to make the party more interesting.

This line tells me that musicians were around at the party.There would be servants placed on the stage to show the Capulet’s wealth. Servants would be placed there to help people out and to make the Capulet’s look rich. I would want big shields and swords hung up to indicate the power and aggression of Lord Capulet. Also hung up I would like the pictures of very powerful animals like the tiger, lion, bear etc. This is to show the strength and force Lord Capulet has.

There would also be pictures of Lord Capulet’s past families to illustrate that he is proud of his heritage. I would include a big open space in the room so that people can dance without having any problems. There would be flashing lights to make the party more exciting and lively. Lord Capulet says, “More light you knaves, and turn the tables up”. This tells us that Lord Capulet wants to make the party more exciting and lively. He also puts the tables up wants so that guests have plenty of room to dance.

There would be decorations around the room to make the hall look attractive and give a party atmosphere and feeling. Lord Capulet shouts ” A hall, a hall, give room! And foot it, girls”. This tells us that Lord Capulet wants a hall full of girls dancing. There would be a long decorated table with expensive cloths and a wide variety of delicious food and deserts. I would like to see chandeliers to show their wealth and to show that they are an upper class family. This is how I would want the feast scene to be set.

I will now describe the fancy dress costumes for the main characters. I would want Lord Capulet to have a long cloak from his shoulders up to his knees with gold patterns around it. He would be wearing a gold crown to show that he has power. Basically I would want him to dress up like a king. This costume would be very expensive and delicate. He would also be wearing expensive gold jewellery around his neck, wrist and fingers to show that he is rich like a king. I would like his cloak to be a dark colour to reflect his personality, which is powerful, rich and aggressive. I would like him to make the audience think that he is the king of the house and family.

“Am I the master here, or you”. This quote tells us that he is obviously the master here and no one can mess with him. This quote is the reason why I want him to dress similar to a king.I would like Tybalt to be dressed up like a soldier or a vampire to show he is a fighter. The colour of the costume would be black and red to indicate evil and blood.

Tybalt is a violent person and acts like a gangster. He carries guns, which tells us that a soldier costume would be suitable to him. “This, by the voice, should be a Montague. Fetch me my rapier, boy”. This tells us that Tybalt is a very aggressive and inpatient character. He wanted revenge on Romeo without thinking and wanted to kill him.

“Now by the stock and honour of my kin, To strike him dead I hold it not a sin”. This line means that Tybalt thinks it’s not a sin to kill Romeo for the honour of the Capulet’s family. This shows us that he is a very aggressive and forceful person.The fancy dress I have chosen for Romeo is a white costume. I want him to look like a gentleman.

The white costume indicates that Romeo is a good and peaceful person. The white costume would represent cleanness and peace. I would like him to wear a red tie with a red love heart printed in the middle.

This would point up that Romeo is a romantic lover. Lord Capulet says ” Verona brags of him To be a virtuous and well-governed youth”. This tells us that Romeo is a good and well-respected person in his area Verona.

For Juliet, I have chosen a long white silky dress with a red ribbon around her waist. I would want her to look like an angel. The white dress illustrates her beauty and innocence. ” a snowy dove trooping with crows”. This tells us that Juliet is the odd one out in her family. A dove is a beautiful and attractive bird, which represents peace, whereas a crow is a evil looking black colour bird which represents fighting.

Romeo describes Juliet as a gorgeous, white peaceful dove surrounded by black, combating crows, which are her family. I think I would also want Juliet to be holding a wand to make her look more like an angel.In this part of my coursework I am going to describe how I would direct the beginning of this scene.

I would want Lord Capulet to be standing at the door with his hand s by his side and a great smile on his face ready to welcome his guests. His facial expressions should show that he is jolly and excited at the time. He would be welcoming the women by grabbing their hands gently and giving a slight kiss on their hands.

” Welcome, gentlemen! Ladies that have their toes Unplagued with corns will walk a bout with you”. He would say this when everyone has settled. He would say this to remind everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves. What he means is that he wants the ladies to get up and dance with the men.He would shout this speech in a bullying type of way so that everyone hears it and obeys it and no one is left out. The tone of his voice would be very gentle at times, and very deep at times. The reason for this is so that the guests and audience know what type of mood he is in.

” A hall, a hall, give room! And foot it, girls”. This line shows us that Lord Capulet is in a jolly and delightful mood. When Lord Capulet delivers his lines, he would shout them nice and clear so that everyone hears.

As soon as the guests come he will try his best to not make them bored. In the play there are a couple of explanation marks in Lord Capulet’s first speech to the guests. This tells us that he is shouting the majority of the time in a loud tone. The audience would see Lord Capulet in a completely different mood from other times. He would be seen happy and cheerful all the way through this feast scene.Now I will describe how I want Romeo to approach Juliet in this scene. I would want Romeo to walk up to her slowly and take her by the hand very softly.

He would say to Juliet ” If I profane with my unworthiest hand This holy shrine, the gentle sin is this”. Romeo says this because he knows that it’s a sin to touch her, but this sin is committed in love. He will then move his lip closer to hers and give her a short gentle kiss. They will then move apart and Juliet will say ” Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much”. This tells us that Juliet also loves Romeo and feels the same way.

Romeo will then say, ” Let lips do what hands do”. Basically here Romeo wants to kiss her again. Juliet will say, “Then have my lips the sin that they have took”.

In this line Juliet feels the same way and wants to kiss Romeo. As they talk Romeo moves closer and gives Juliet another kiss, but this time twice as longer. When they separate again, together they create a rhyme scheme. This shows us that they are both in tune with each other.

Together, they create a 14-line sonnet. A sonnet is a traditional love poem. This sonnet would be used so the audience concentrate and pay attention. The language used here would be very romantic and strong. As they talk they both use religious imagery e.g. profane, holy, shrine, saints, pilgrims, sin, faith etc. This use of religious imagery tells us that their love is very strong and spiritual.

A good way to catch the audience’s attention is to have the lines written in iambic pentameter. An iambic pentameter is a line of ten syllables consisting of five iambic feet. A slightly stressed syllable followed by a heavily stressed syllable. This would make the sonnet more exciting and give it a good rhythm. After this sonnet, they would both kiss each other for the third time and this time for about one minute to show their true love.

This is the 14-line sonnet Romeo and Juliet will say:ROMEO “If I profane with my unworthiest handThis holy shrine, the gentle sin in this,My lips, two blushing pilgrims, ready standTo smooth that rough touch with a tender kiss”.JULIET “Good pilgrim, you do wrong your hand too much,Which mannerly devotion shows in this,For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch,And palm to palm is holy palmers’ kiss”.ROMEO “Have not saints lips, and holy palmers’ too?”JULIET “Ay, pilgrim, lips that they must use in prayer”.ROMEO “O then, dear saint, let lips do what hands do:They pray, grant thou, lest faith turn to despair”.JULIET “Saints do not move, though grant for prayer’ sake”.ROMEO “Then move not while my prayer’s effect I take”.

The lighting in this scene will be described now. When Romeo sees Juliet first the lighting would be bright on both their faces to show their expressions. When Tybalt spots Romeo gate-crashing the party the lighting in the room would be a light red to show violence and how angry Tybalt is. This red light signifies to the audience that something bad was about to happen.

This red light would also represent blood and be flashing, especially on Tybalt’s fumed and furious face. Another important scene for lighting is when Romeo and Juliet kiss. I will have fireworks going off in the background. This will indicate to the audience that this is an important part in the scene. It will give that striking feeling of two members of enemy families kissing. This will be a shocking moment. At Lord Capulet’s party the lighting will be very disco type. The lighting will be flashing through different colours to give a party feeling and atmosphere.

These lights would liven up the party.I am now going to describe the music for the feast scene. There would be slow, peaceful music playing, as the guests would enter the main hall. The music will then stop when as soon as Lord Capulet starts his main welcome speech. When the guests start dancing the music will come back on, and this time faster to create an exciting and disco type atmosphere. I think that this would be a good intro to the party.

This will make he audience feel delighted and thrilled. When Romeo and Juliet meet, the music should slow down and give a romantic and warm feeling. A good song for this moment would be Enrique Iglaseus’s ‘HERO’. This is a love track where Enrique Iglaseus does anything to get close to his girlfriend. But something comes in his way, which is the girl’s father. He tries to be a hero for his girlfriend just like Romeo is Juliet’s hero. This song would signify to the audience that they are deeply in love with each other and in tune as well.

By the end of my direction of this scene, I would like the audience to feel focused and entertained both at the same time. I would expect them to be feeling sad and sympathetic because by now they would know how deeply in love they are, and from the prologue they would know that there love will not last. Hopefully, they won’t get bored and would be excited to see what would happen next.


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