Imagine after 17 years finally waking up, thinking you were just asleep, and it is the next day. Your family is all grown up and your friends have moved on with their lives,  done things, seen things and been places. The whole time  you were just asleep, no consciousness to the world at all. The scariest part is, you wouldn’t even know how long you were out for. How would you feel? Would you feel like you have taken things way too for granted? This is how Karen feels in the novel ‘Girlfriend in a coma’ written by Douglas Coupland, and this is why you should never take the small, big, good and bad things in life for granted.    This novel tells a story of a group of friends growing up in Vancouver, British Columbia. One night these teenagers attend a reckless house party and one of the friends, Karen falls into an intense coma. The teenagers did not know what to do or how to feel when they found out she did not just black out, and that she was in a coma. They quickly regretted going to the party, they quickly thought of all the different possibilities of what could happen to Karen and what they would feel if worse came to worst. They put themselves in  her shoes and really thought about why they shouldn’t take things for granted. This changed their whole perspective to life. They were going to be more careful going out, they were not going to make un-smart decisions, and they definitely were not going to continue living their life where the might have regrets in the future, because of how unexpected and traumatic Karen’s coma was, they learned you never really know what can happen.    The second part of the book is when Karen wakes up and sees how life is 17 years later, with her friends, boyfriend and family. It explains where she had been all those years and the reality she hoped to escape. Suddenly the world ends, and the novel gives us insight on all the characters minds. As a reader you can probably guess and assue that they all agree they took everything for granted and they all had a whole new insight to the world, society and how they wanted to continue to live their lives.    In conclusion, do not take little things for granted because you never know who would give everythng to have the life you are living. In the book ‘ Girlfriend in a coma ‘ they do and then realize they are not living a satisfying life.   


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