Imagine often in front of crowds of Nazi

            Imagine being part of Hitler’s army when
you are aged 10-18 and having to become a Nazi even if you don’t want to. If
you didn’t join the Nazi’s side during World War 2 you were jailed, hung, and
even beat to death, often in front of crowds of Nazi supporters. Kids during
World War 2 were forced into Hitler’s Youth were they became “Hitler’s Boy
army”. This was the case for many German boys and girls that had to go to a
horrible program run by Hitler. Hitler’s Youth persecuted other German
communities, supplied soldiers to the German Military, and Brainwashed kids and
teenagers. Hitler wanted full control of Germany and its citizens.


            Hitler’s Youth caused trouble with
other groups and everyone in Germany, they were trouble makers. According to
Susan Campbell Bartoletti, Hitler got rid of all other youth groups in Germany
and only left Hitler’s youth, and persecuted anyone who wasn’t under National
Socialism faith. This shows that Hitler’s Youth caused trouble with other
groups by getting rid of them so there is only Hitler’s Youth. Also according to
Susan Campbell Bartoletti Hitler Youth Officials forced all healthy German
Youth, except Jews, to join Hitler Youth. This disrupted Church’s practices and
made some Hitler’s Youth members go to Jewish schools and harass the students
and teachers by screaming “we want to see your blood” at them. Those are two
ways Hitler’s Youth harassed other groups in Germany.

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            A lot of Hitler’s Youth members
joined the German Military after they turned 18 and left Hitler’s Youth. There
were many reasons that people joined the war. According to “Hitler’s Boy
Soldiers 1999” Hitler forced Hitler’s Youth members that turned 18 to join the
war after Hitler’s Youth was over. This was bad for other countries because it
allowed the Germans to keep fighting, because it allowed there army to grow
bigger and bigger. Hitler’s Youth also put kids in danger because they had to
go through intense Military training from the ages 10-18. This was bad because
they made kids test new explosives and put together guns and assemble helmets
and chest plates. They also made the girls go to war from 15 years old and up
to heal wounded soldiers. Those were the ways Hitler’s Youth provided for the


            Hitler’s Youth members were brain
washed by the Nazi’s and believed that Germans were the master race. According
to Hitler forced children and school officials to become Nazi’s and
forced them to “Hail Hitler”. This made young children believe what Hitler did
and said was right because it was the only thing they knew because Hitler got
rid of everything else. Members that went through Hitler’s Youth Kept fighting
even after the war ended. They did this because Hitler brain washed them and
they believed that he was right and that Germans were the master race so they
also attacked Jews. “Also allied
occupation authorities required young Germans to undergo a “de-Nazification”
process and training in democracy designed to counter the effects of twelve
years of Nazi propaganda,” according to They had to go through these
programs because of Hitler. As of a result of Hitler’s Youth many people had to
spend years to reverse the effects of the Nazi’s.


            Hitler’s Youth effected many people
during and after WW2. It effected the families of the participants, Jewish
families, the communities, and effected schools and youth groups that weren’t
Nazi’s. However, it didn’t stop families from trying to stay away from Hitler
and the Nazi party, it didn’t stop youth groups from holding secret meeting and
running their program underground, and it didn’t stop religious groups from
practicing their beliefs. Anne Frank said, “If we bear all this suffering and
if there are still Jews left, when it is over, then Jews, instead of being
doomed, will be held up as an example.” This relates to the topic because if
they all tried to keep a normal life and resist joining the Nazi’s Party then
they would be held up as an example. Just maybe if the citizens of Germany
realized how bad Hitler was, before he passed laws that made it impossible to
get him out of office, they could have got him out before he did anything bad.