Imagine halt. You’re stuck in the middle of

Imagine that you are going to the airport for a vacation when, suddenly, the car that you’re in comes to a screeching halt. You’re stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. You’d probably wish that you had a flying car, sadly they don’t exist.Flying cars sound amazing, and the technology is already here! Unfortunately, the fact that we don’t have them isn’t due to technology, it’s more for public safety, government and policing.If we had flying cars, first they wouldn’t be cars that can fly, they’d be more like planes that can drive on the ground. They would be very expensive, with most flying car prices starting at $300 000 compared to the $30 000 price tag in most new cars. Also, the police would need flying cars in order to chase say… robbers. Taxes would also go up because of government funds to make these flying cars. Plus 9/11 (the twin tower tragedy) could happen again.Instead of using one large plane to crash into a building, terrorists could just either throw tons of grenades off flying cars or use lots of them to crash into buildings. Terrorists could land in secured areas and go unnoticed. Plus drunk drivers in flying cars!? Also if your flying car (if you can buy one enough to buy one) ran out of gas than it would be nearly impossible to survive. In fact, if it fell from 1 km than your flying car would turn into a crash-landed wreckage in 8 secs so you’d need to act quickly if you’d want to survive. Think about the hassle in                                                               trying to figure out where and how to land. You’d be thinking, “Is it safe to land in that lake over there?” or “can I land in the trees?”. It would be shockingly hard to survive and if you did than would you survive long enough for help to find you? Plus, in bad weather you would have trouble steering if it was windy and couldn’t see if it was foggy, you’d need to rely on the instements. People would need to learn how to fly them. Flying cars would also be bigger than normal cars and the would need an entire redesign of the worlds roads and parking lots which might be renamed or landing lots. Finally, no one would want to learn how to drive again and using them would need to require tons of new laws.If you also wanted to take action than a good way to do it might be to try emailing companies that make flying cars not to do it or try making petitions. As amazing as flying may seem, using them could turn the planet into airborne mayhem. It’s far, far better to just wait in a traffic jam then risk getting killed in mid-air.