If you have been missing on your monthly payments, then there are high chances that your car may get repossessed. To help you to stop car from repossession, you have to explore all your options responsibly.  There may be multiple options to stop repossession of car, but not all option will work for you. 1) Late on Payments:If you are late on payments than it does not mean that your car will get repossessed immediately, agreements may vary according to lenders. Some agreements may consider you in default state if you are one day late on your payments while some may consider after you are late on payments by 30 days. Read all your loan documents carefully before jumping to any conclusion as some agreements may not consider you in default even if you are late on payments.2) Consider reinstating the loanReinstating your loan is one of the best options when you are late on your monthly payments. Reinstating your loan can help you form repossession of your car, or it will help you to get your car back if already repossessed. In reinstating your loan, you pay all your pending dues and late fees in a lump sum amount. Some states have a mandatory law which helps you to reinstate your loan while some may not. 3) Negotiate with lenderPrivate party auto loan lenders sometimes consider negotiating with you if you know how to reach them properly. There are many options :a) Selling your car by yourselfUsually, the lender sell your car at an auction to get the remaining money off your loan which sometimes cannot help you get the complete amount of loan. Therefore if you can sell your car by yourself, where you can find a buyer who is willing to pay the amount equals to your remaining loan, then it can help you to settle your loan. b) Surrendering the vehicleSurrendering your vehicle to your lender can be a good option in this situation. Lender considers this option highly favorable to them as it saves their time and money.  You should surrender your car only when you and lender have come to the same agreement (in writing) which helps you to settle your deficiency. 4) Refinancing your car loanAnother method to save your car from getting repossessed is refinancing your current loan. You can contact multiple lenders and ask them for stop car repossession quotes. You can also get a loan with lower interest rate if you negotiate carefully with the lenders. Before refinancing you must find out the cost/fees of refinancing, or if there are any penalties.5) BankruptcySometimes in this kind of situation filing for bankruptcy may be a good option.  Declaring bankruptcy can help you to stop repossession of your car temporarily. You can contact your lawyer to help you in filing the correct type of bankruptcy.


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