If someone were to use drugs to reduce the
symptoms of a psychological disorder, but symptoms reappear when the drug is
discontinued I would not consider this to be a cure. A cure is when the disease
or symptoms disappear and are not to come back even after the drugs are taken
away. If someone needs to keep taking the drugs to reduce symptoms then it’s
not a cure, it’s merely just a temporary relief.

I wanted to get therapy but were too reluctant to get it from a therapist, I
would seek out help from my parents. I would feel more comfortable with my
parents because we know each other well and I can express my feeling easier. I
also might seek out help from close friends who I’ve known for a while if I
can’t talk to my parents.

             Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is a
biomedical treatment in which electric shock is used to produce a cortical
seizure accompanied by convulsions. A light anesthesia is induced, and a
variety of drugs are given to the patient to minimize complications. Some pros
to this are it is a remarkably effective treatment for major depression. ECT is
more effective for patients who do not benefit from antidepressants, so by
using ECT they improve. Although some cons to this are, ECT can cause memory
loss, impaired attention, and other cognitive deficits which are common
short-term side effects of electro conclusive therapy. However, these shortcomings
are mild and usually disappear within a month or two. ECT can cause physical
pain after the procedure as well.

therapy is the simultaneous treatment of several or more clients in a group.
Some advantages of group therapy are patients realize that their misery is not
unique and that others have the same or worse problems as them. It also
provides a way to work on social skills in a safe environment. Certain kinds of
problems are better suited for group therapy than individual. Some
disadvantages may be that the patients are not as focused rather than in
individual therapy. Plus, some people may have confidential information that
they do not want to share with an unfamiliar group of people. Compared to
individual therapy that conforms to your schedule, in a group you have to
compromise to get a schedule everyone agrees on. I think it might be possible
that group therapy might support symptoms rather than therapy. In a group of
affected people, they will see everyone else’s problems that are similar to
theirs which makes them feel as if they have something in common with each
other and would get distracted from trying to solve their problem and would
rather just talk about what they each have. If I were to seek out therapy, I
would prefer individual versus group therapy. This is because with individual
therapy I can talk to my therapist at my own pace and get develop and better
connection with them. In a group, my relationship with the therapist would not
be as strong if it were individual therapy, I would also have to wait for
others to talk before I could speak within the group. Also, I would have to
worry about being interrupted by others too. 

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