I will be great friends with Beverly and

I have about twenty-nine things (maybe more) incorrect so yeah happy grading FINISHING TONIGHT 1/19/18 PLEASE DON’T COUNT AS LATE UNLESS I TURN IT IN ON SATURDAY THEN GO AHEADReader Response Journal*KEEP UP–Your Journal may be checked weekly for progress (classwork grade) and given a final test grade using the rubric! Week 1Title : ITAuthor: Stephen KingPages read:14-19%   (Reading on a kindle… doesn’t track pages)Reader Response (use at least three strategies/sentence starters!):In the chapter “Ben Hanscom Takes a Fall”, Ben Hanscom is out of school for the summer. After being dismissed from class, Ben ran away from the school because he wouldn’t let Henry Bowers look at his final exams answers. Ben knew that Henry was out to kill him. When Ben ran toward his bike, he was stopped by a girl named Beverly Marsh. She was a girl in his class who he was attracted to. After she signed his yearbook, Ben was found and caught by Henry and his “gang”. Henry cut Ben’s stomach with a pocket knife and Ben squealed as he kicked Henry in the private, and ran away. I could really visualize someone kicking someone in the private and laughing their heads off at it. After running away from the bullies, Ben found himself by a group of kids trying to build a dam in the river. Ben met these kids from school named Bill and Eddie. They were part of the losers club (a club that Bill made for people that get bullied and people with “problems”) and not a while after meeting Bill and Eddie, he joined the club. Later in the book, I predict that Ben will be great friends with Beverly and become apart of the loser squad. At first I thought Beverly was bad but then I realized she was good, it was just because girls thought that she stole all the cute guys from them.Week 2Title :ITAuthor: Stephen KingPages read: 19-27% (still a kindle)Reader Response (use at least three strategies/sentence starters!):In the book so far, Ben has joined the loser club and so has Beverley. They have all had experienced Pennywise’s “Illusions”. Bill saw his dead brother George wink at him in a picture, Eddie saw a leper under a shed that tried to kiss him, Richie saw him and Bill die in a picture, and Beverley saw blood explode out of her sink. I think Beverly and Ben experience the same things or are similar. boys, and Ben gets bullied inside and outside of school because he is fat and overweight. Ben and Beverly are both bullied and they share the same interest in there town’s (Derry Maine) history. I can’t really understand why Richie always talks in the “Ol’ Irish Cop” voice. The text is mainly about Bev’s encounter with IT and her sink.Week 3Title :ITAuthor:Stephen KingPages read:27-35%Reader Response (use at least three strategies/sentence starters!):In the chapter “Georgie’s Room and the House on Neibolt Street”, Richie and bill have another encounter with Pennywise the Dancing Clown and Eddie goes back to the house on Neibolt street. In the chapter, Bill and Richie go to Bill’s house to go back into Georgie’s room and look at Georgie’s old picture book. After flipping through some pages, they see a picture of the downtown library for some odd reason. Then one of the cars start to move and drives away. The picture follows the car and when Bill touched the picture to see what was happening, the book basically ate his fingers off (they are still on but badly cut). Eddie, who is trying to look around the strange house on Neibolt Street and a train conductor (on foot) comes up to him saying that he can’t be on the house property because it is trespassing. The Train man turns into the homeless leper and then changes to Pennywise. Eddie is scared to death and loses all the air in his aspirator.  The text is about Eddie’s encounter with IT and the homeless Leper. I predict that next chapter will be about Ben’s encounter with Pennywise. This makes me wonder what time of year all this is happening in because I think this is a lot to happen in just one summer.Week 4Title :ITAuthor:Stephen KingPages read:35-43%Reader Response (use at least three strategies/sentence starters!):After reading the next chapter of IT, I was curious as to how Pennywise knew where the “Losers” were. Derry the Second Interlude” answers that question. Pennywise is attracted to fear. In the chapter Ben has another encounter with Pennywise and Bill, Beverly, Ben, Richie, and Stan are caught in the Barrens (secret hideout they had when they were kids. Made their own dam there). Ben (when he arrived at Derry after 27 years) went to the library to see what changes there were. After awhile, Ben hears a voice behind him calling his name. He looks around and sees a mummy talking to him. He starts to run away in fear, but finds himself trapped (kinda) in the basement of the library Ben then jukes out the mummy (A.K.A. Pennywise) and returns back into the library. The lady at the front told him that it was 1 hour past closing time. In this part, I was confused about why the person at the front didn’t hear Ben running around down stairs. Also, in case you were wondering, the only reason why other people can’t see pennywise is because the kids in the “Losers Club” have something called “The Shining” were they can read the mind of a turtle and see Pennywise. I was confused about how the “Losers” are able to mind read a turtle. This text is mainly about Ben’s encounter with IT.Week 5Title :ITAuthor:Stephen kingPages read:43-50%Reader Response (use at least three strategies/sentence starters!):In this part of the book The “Loser Club” got back together after 27 years. They meet up in a party room and talk about their past lives. Beverly was married to a bad man named Tom, Bill moved to England and married someone named Audra (I don’t know a lot about her), Ben has become an alcoholic, Stan killed himself when he got the call, Richie isn’t married but now wears contacts, and Mike has been living in Derry, Stalking Bill, Ben, Beverly, and Stan. That is basically all I can say because some other things happen in this chapter and it is really inappropriate. I was confused how Mike was able to stalk everyone and be able to hold all that info. I wonder if Pennywise killed Stan or if he really killed himself. Why would Stan kill himself because of something that he did in the past that he had to do again? Was it really that bad?Week 6Title :ITAuthor:Stephen KingPages read:50-56%In the chapter Walking tours (takes place when they are adults), Mike and Bill get together to talk about Bill seeing Georgie wink at him. When they discuss a time to meet, Bill buys a bike that looks familiar, it was his bike he owned when he was a kid that he named “Silver”. Bill goes to Mike’s house to talk about the scene but Bill wants to fix silver more than anything. This reminds me of the time when I broke my lego set and all I wanted to do was fix it but I couldn’t because I lost a piece. :'( Anyways, Bill and Mike fix Silver but then Mike brings something up about their childhood that makes Bill mad. I was curious on this part because they don’t go into any detail on what is making him mad. This is relevant to my life because every day at the dinner table, sister gets mad at my mom when I don’t understand why.Week 7Title :ITAuthor:STEPHEN KINGPages read:56-60% In the chapter “Uninvited guests”, Henry Bowers(A bully from Derry), hears voices from the moon. The voices sound familiar because they were his dead friends from high school. I had to slow down on this part because Stephen King is terrible at telling you what year it is in the book because it switches between 1958 and 1985. This text is mainly about Henry hearing his dead friends and telling him what to do. I like how the author use italics to show yelling and/or flashbacks in this chapter. Henry’s old friends lead him to his old pocket knife that he lost many years ago when he was fighting Ben. I wonder if Henry will get into a fight with Pennywise or anyone in the losers club.Week 8Title : ITAuthor:Stephen KingPages read:   60-65%In the rest of the chapter Uninvited Guests, Henry fights Mike in the Derry Library when they are closed. Henry stabbed Mike straight through the thigh making it penetrate through his leg. When Mike tries to call the cops to get him, Pennywise picks up but Mike doesn’t know that. Mike starts to bleed to death but manages to survive by cutting off the circulation with a belt. This reminds me of a time when I cut my hand open with a pencil and I used a few rubber bands to cut off my circulation. I think next Henry will try to kill Beverly and will also be suprised by the fact that Mike ended up surviving. Later on in the chapter, Beverly and Henry fight. I had absolutely no clue about how this happened because one second Henry was fighting Mike, then the next second, he is in the middle of a battle trying to kill Bev. How could this of happened? When Henry and Bev fight, I can picture the sight of someone pulling onto someone’s hair because Henry Bowers drag Bev down the sidewalk with only holding onto her hair. This text was mainly about Henry Bowers attempting to kill Bev and Mike. So I think the Moral of the story and the chapter so far is that you can’t run away from the past because everyone regrets things they have done in the past, especially Henry because he didn’t want to kill the “Losers” anymore but his friends wanted him to because hey died when they wanted to kill them but they never got the chance to.