am grateful that the United States Supreme Court overturned Virginia’s law by
claiming it was violating the 14th Amendment’s equal protection
clause, which forces all governments to treat every citizen equally when
enacting laws. Not only was the Loving v.

Virginia case in violation of the 14th Amendment, but it was
also a violation of an America citizen’s basic individual freedoms – the
freedom to be able to marry whoever one chooses. It is interesting to also take into account, that the
Framers were most concerned about racial discrimination. Although Loving v. Virginia criticized the racial
discrimination over marriage laws, the 14th Amendment further
secures substantive fundamental rights and promises the protection of the law
to everybody. It is incredible to think that it has been so long since the 14th
Amendment was ratified, yet its text is still detrimental to our society and
remains the most universal and sweeping surety of equal rights in our
constitutional tradition.

decades later Loving v. Virginia still
holds impact in America today. The case has become a stepping stone for some of
today’s challenges with marriage discrimination amongst gays and lesbians. Perry v. Schwarzenegger is a federal
district court case that was held accountable that such a law in California
violated the 14th Amendment, and is now on appeal. It is nice to see
that everyone is now getting a chance to be who they want to be and be with who
they want to be with. Indeed, on June 2015, the White House lit up in rainbow
colors in commemoration of the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize same-sex
marriage. It is amazing to see how much the Loving
v. Virginia case inspired others to push for change. 


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