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I have always been fascinated with people and society. I am intrigued by the beliefs that shape our society, the relationships between individuals and especially the language. Language is an important part of our nature as human. It is a powerful tool that brings people together yet also defines us as unique as each countries have their own language and culture. Since when I was young, I had the chance to study a second language which was English, and it has become compulsory to learn it as English is the international language. I was drawn to its fascinating structure and a enormous variety of vocabulary that can help people express thousands of different thoughts and emotion. And ever since I knew how to read and understand English, I started to form a hobby of reading. I would read from fiction novels to non-fiction from different genres, anything that I can lay my hands on. I even tried writing my own stories in English and I have learnt that creative writings can only be limited by one’s imagination. I decided to study Arts and Social Science based on my desire to expand my knowledge and understanding of the language in a more precise way.

In my leisure time, I spend most of my time reading books and drawing. I’ve joined many art-related activities at school. I also play sports like basketball and play the piano.

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Last summer, I volunteered to help younger students and my peers to study English. I helped them understand the meanings of vocabulary, the use of English structures and pronunciation. I was happy that I can help students bring back their enthusiasm studying English. Teaching them not only helps me to review my knowledge but also improve my patience, creativity of finding an exciting ways to deliver the lessons and my determination, all of which would help me at university.

I am a passionate and determined student who will put effort into studying in order to achieve success. I feel that university is an ideal environment for me to expand my knowledge and to reach my dream of becoming a teacher to help children find inspiration and enthusiasm in learning English.