I the entire house because I couldn’t find

can remember the best birthday I’ve ever had. It was my 17th
birthday and I didn’t want to do anything, go anywhere for my birthday. I was
begging my parents to not do anything for me because I was just to old for that
stuff now. I’ve woken up too late on the day of my birthday like around one or
two in the afternoon and I went through out the entire house because I couldn’t
find my family, so I was wondering where everyone went. I looked at the kitchen
table and saw a plane ticket, car keys, and a note. The note said stuff about
how I’m old enough to drive and that I should meet my family at the airport at
7:30 p.m. All I could think about was where am I going? Where could they
possibly be taking me? I went upstairs to my room to pack my thing to where
ever I was going. I was seven o clock, so I grabbed my bags and went into the
garage. I opened the garaged door before I went inside the car so that I could
back up but as it was opening I see a new car in the drive through. I tried to
open the door on the car inside the garage, but I didn’t open so I tried the
new car and it opened. Once I opened it I saw a note on the car seat saying,
“Happy Birthday Dom I hope you like your new car”. I was excited that I got my
first car, but I couldn’t waste any time, so I got inside the car and started
driving to the airport. Once I got to the airport I parked my car and went
inside the airport and I looked for my family and I couldn’t, so I just called
them they didn’t pick up, so I texted them “Where in the airport are you at?”.
They responded to the text and told me, so I went to where they told me to meet
them at and once I approached my parents I gave them the biggest hug for giving
me a car I was grateful. Once we were all done I asked them “where are we
going?” and the both responded, “we are going to Hawaii!!”. I got happy once
they told me because Hawaii is a place I always wanted to go. Once the plane
arrived we started walking to the plane we gave our ticket to the lady and once
she finished checking them we walked into the plane and sat in our seats. I got
a window seat, but I didn’t look out the window because I have a fear of
height, but I took a long nap because the flight was going to take quite a
while to get to our destination. After the long flight we finally got to Hawaii
but once we landed we walked off the plane and waited for our bags. My dad
found a taxi to take us to our hotel where we’ll be staying. Once we arrived at
the hotel we all settled down and my dad he went out to go rent a car. He came
back with the car and when he came inside the room he told us that we are going
out in an hour, so he told us to get ready. I finished getting dressed my mom
and dad also finished my mom just had to dress my baby sister. We walked out
the hotel and got inside the car I was buckling my sister into her car seat and
my dad just started driving. We arrived at a restaurant like at 8:30 in the
afternoon. We got out the car and walked in the restaurant and waited for us to
get seated cause it was a little packed. Once they found a seat for us we sat
down and waited for the waiter. Once the waiter finally came she asked us “What
drink would you like?” and after we told her the drinks we would like she then
asked us what would we like to eat and we all finished ordering to what we’ll
like to eat. Once we finished eating we left a tip for the waiter and left the
restaurant. When we got to the hotel we were all full and decided to go
straight to bed and sleep. The next day I asked my dad “How long are we going
to be here for?” and he said “5 days” I was shocked for how long we were going
to stay her for, but I was ok with it. At 11 in the morning we put on swim
clothes to go to the beach for an hour because we were later on we are going to
go to the Sea Life Park Hawaii. We arrived at the beach and I didn’t go in the
water as much I just put my feet in the water and that’s all. I mostly spent my
time playing with my little sister and building a sand castle with her. It was
fun and all until my parents told us it’s time to go and my baby sister was
crying because she didn’t want to leave the beach. It was a long ride to get to
our destination and the first thing we did when we got there we went to see a
penguin show. The show was awesome and once it finished we walked around and
saw other animals, but I was excited to go swimming with the dolphins. Once it
was the time to go swimming with the dolphins I ran to place and waited for my
parents to get to where I was. They took a while to get here because I ran, and
they had walked over here so we checked in with the guy and we had to fill in paperwork
just to go swimming with the dolphins. Once we finished doing that my mom
waited for me and dad because someone had to take care of my little sister. So,
me and dad walked out into the area and walked into the water. I was swimming
with the same dolphin the whole time I was there which was only 1 hour. I was
holding onto the dolphin’s fin and it was swimming fast under water and it was
fun. It was time to go but I didn’t want to leave but I had to cause it was
about to turn dark. So, we got in the car and left me, and my sister fell
asleep cause it was fun, and we were exhausted. So, we got to the hotel and I
was still sleepy, so I was walking really weird the whole way to the room So
the next days were boring but on the last day we were there for was probably
one of my favorite part of the trip and it was going on to a helicopter ride
and I was a little scared. The ride was amazing I loved the way the whole
island looked for up above. I feared the height but with this flight I think I
overcome my fear of heights I went on that helicopter like if it was nothing I
didn’t even think of me fearing heights. After the helicopter ride we went to
the to the hotel room and started packing up our thing cause early in the
morning our flight would be ready tomorrow early in the morning and my dad went
to leave the car back to were it belonged. The next day we all woke up at 7:30
and we got at the airport on time and I we put all our things on the plane and
took off. We landed, and we got our bags and left the airport. I drove my new
car home and met my parents at the house and said one last thank you for such
an amazing birthday.