am Rue.

am the eldest kid in my family. I have 5 younger siblings. This year, I am 12
years old. I come from District 11.IGD1  have dark skin and brown hair. These are similar
with Thresh’s. You may ask me who is Thresh. I will tell you later. Citizens in
my District are responsible for orchardGD2 . They are very busy doing a lot of work. So doGD3  I. I would always work from sunrise to sunset,
alongside the other citizens of my district. As a result, I am able to jump
from tree to tree in the orchards, even on the most slender branches.

am able to climb the tallest trees in my district, allowing myGD4 
to see the flag signaling quitting time first and sing my four note song when
work was over. This tune was picked up by the mockingjays in the area, which
spread the message through the orchards, letting the others know that the
working day was over. I claim that these mockingjays are my special friends.GD5 

I want to talk about my best friends, Thresh.

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are from the same district. He is so strong, powerful and resourceful.

day, I was trying to climb to the top of the tallest tree in our orchard.
However, I fell down from the tree. I was so scared that I I could not help
shutting my eyes and screaming out loud. Suddenly, I felt someone caught me.
When I opened my eyes. I saw a juvenile, may be 5 years elder than me, looking
at me and holding me in his arms. “Are you OK? ” He asked me. I nodded my head
up and down. He put me back to the ground.

was grateful to him. He told me that his name was Thresh. I observed that he
had dark skin and brown hair just like me. So that w, e began to be friends.

of this accident, he doubted climbing trees was unsafe for me. He said he would
protect me from being danger. I believed in him.

year, 74th Hunger Games began. It was my first year for reaping. How
desperate this is for me to be chosen. On the other hand,when I saw another on
who was being chosen was Thresh, I feel a trace of relief.

enjoyed food and free time on the train to the Capitol. We received some
training. With a little bit worried, we arrived there.

all of us are training together, I observed everyone carefullyto see their
strength and weaknesses, Katniss and Peeta in
particular. I noticed that Katniss had a mockingjays pin. I
trusted that mockingjays were my good friends. As a result, whom they kept
company with, who I would trust mostly expect Thresh. I dicided I could team up
with her when the compititon began.

I still felt worried and scared. Thresh said he would stay with me all the time
to preserve me. That mede me feel relief.

 I got a
backpack from the Cornucopia in the beginning of the Games, but it contained
little because I had to get away from the Cornucopia fast and I likely
retrieved it at the edge of the clearing. I found a sharp shard of rock I used it as a knife. I made a
slingshot for myself as well. My pack contained a small water skin and an extra
pair of socks she used to keep her hands warm during the cold nights.

In the arena, I managed to stay alive by staying off the ground, I noticed taht Katniss did like this, too. I used
my extensive knowledge of plants to collect food.

After the forest fire, I climbed a tree to avoid the approaching Career
pack. Noticing Katniss treed nearby, I alerted her to a tracker jacker nest on
a higher branch. In the morning, Katniss alerted me that she was about to drop
the nest; I got the message, and leaped from tree to tree, to got out of range
once the wasps are unleashed.

After the tracker jacker attack, I continued following Katniss. I came
out  and said I could heal her tracker
jacker wounds with leaves. She was relieved by her wounds being fixed and
offers me treatment for my burns.

offered me a groosling leg which surprises me, who has never had a whole leg to
meself. I explained to Katniss about the career’s camp and the strategy they
have for protecting food and supplies. This gives her the idea of evening the
playing field between them and the careers by destroying their supplies.

told her I trusted her because of the mockingjay pin. I
proceeded to help her destroy the career alliance’s food. She devised a plan
with me, I must acted as a decoy and lighted up three fires to distract the
careers away from the camp site, while she destroyed the food somehow. I
managed to light the first fire, but soon after the second fire was lit, I
stumbled into a trap set up by Marvel, who stabbed her through the stomach with
his spear just before Katniss reached me.

felt like I was dying. I asked Katniss to sing a song.

was really a nice song.

 GD1Make sure you put a space after a period

 GD2The orchards



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