I have been a dancer since the age of 3.  When I was in grade 6, I joined KBS Dance Ltd, a local dance studio, and have been actively taking on leadership and organizational roles in the past few years. Recognizing my excellence in areas such as Ballet and Tap, as substantiated by the numerous awards I’ve received from ISTD and the Royal Academy of Dance, the studio has occasionally asked me to fill in as the office secretary and to teach the younger grades, ranging from ages 4 to 11. When teaching, I focus on improving their technique, confidence building, and creating an accepting and relaxed learning environment. In addition, I effectively communicate their strengths and weaknesses and help to evaluate their proficiency level prior to exams and recitals.  My passion for dance stems from a lifetime involvement with the art, from my first time in the studio at 3 years old to the 6 years I dedicated to dancing competitively. I have curated various methods to engage and challenge my students, ranging from advanced technique building to free choreography to help expand their horizons.

  My success is validated by the fact that my students have shown considerable growth, both in their technical abilities and confidence, and are now pursuing their senior level competitions and exams.  As a result of my accomplishments, the studio’s artistic director recommended that I attempt my Advanced and Grade 8 Ballet exams. This is something I am currently pursuing to further improve my expertise as both a teacher and a dancer.

In addition to teaching, I have taken initiative to help the dance studio with our semi-annual dance recitals. My responsibilities range from editing music, to making costumes, and even to help choreographing some younger classes’ dances. I believe having such responsibilities placed upon me have helped me grow both as a team player and a leader. To illustrate, I learned how to communicate in ways that most effectively convey my ideas, given that the groups I interact with on a daily basis have varying dynamics and personalities.  Moreover, my ability to create useful and critical constructive feedback has improved significantly; vice versa, I learned how to make the best use out of others’ feedback to me. My time at the studio has been unimaginably valuable, and I believe it has adequately prepared me for the cohesive teamwork that both Ivey and the business world seeks in its members.