I will give the students a chance to get to know their profession in a real environment. This time their guide teachers will be coworker and friends from the same department who are senior students. For example, I will bring ELS students who will be studying architecture. A professor in the department will define the profession to the students and talk about future work areas. Students will be able to identify themselves and their business world will give professional support and assisted as a group in matters such as job and career selection, job and career advancement, job and occupation satisfaction and self-improvement that students face in different phases of business life.

It is my greatest aim to shed light on the future to students with the help of volunteer professors. My aim is not only to help students’ career problems but to help all individuals and groups in all stages of business life. My project can be a small contribution to work that will support people to have a job and a profession where they can work as they want willingly and productively.

Most likely in the end of the project, students will find the opportunity to observe their abilities and gain an understanding of future occupation. If students’ current career plan is not appropriate for them, it will act like an alternative option for the students to change their department without losing time and they will not regret the profession they choose.


The operation of the project will be as follows:

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1.      Firstly I will talk with ELS Coordinator about my project and I will take her permission. Also, I will determine a day with her which can be the most appropriate date for ELS students.

2.      I will collect numbers and names of students who start the preparatory class this year at university according to departments.

3.      My goal is to work with architecture students in IUS. Approximately, I am aiming to have 25 volunteer students for architecture department.

4.      I find volunteer professors who want to contribute actively my project at IUS. The professors are Assistant Professor Dr. Ahmed Obrali?, Assistant Professor Dr. Alma Hudovic, Assistant Professor Dr. Carl Haddrell.

5.      After that, the professors and I will agree on which subjects we should inform the students about. I will prepare posters and presentations with professors. Also, I will provide a short video about job activities.



You can check likely timetable of project in the below



IMPLEMENTATION TIME            RESPONSIBILITY                                                            

1. Giving scale to participants and evaluating to score. The objectives of the project and to talk about what will be done

Session 1

Gülcan Üzer

2. To mention about how conceptual design transform to main design. The tasks of architects at construction sites. Academicians, how it progresses in the field as academic and their professional degrees. Students, how to get first job experience after graduation? Where can they apply? What are the basic features sought for an architect?

Session 1

Assit. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Obrali?

3. Senior students can share their mistakes and to teach what they learned from these experiences. To explain what the professors expect from the students.

Session 1

Senior Student Bü?ra Nur Ayd?n
Senior Student Miraç Aydo?an

4. Relationship between art and architecture. Demonstration of some important architectural structures in the world with PowerPoint. To enable the students to see the course materials. Some theories of architecture. The areas where architects can work in the private sector and government. Occupational opportunities in the world and community.

Session 2

Assit. Prof. Dr. Carl Haddrell

5. Giving comprehensive information about the internship. To provide information about the courses and projects they are currently taking.


Master’s Student Bü?ra Nur Ayd?n
Senior Student Ömer Soyer

6. Asking to students why they choose to study of architecture. An examination of the architectural skills and knowledge of the students. The impact of talent and interest on academic achievement. Can the students develop their skills by the time? Importance of working hard in architecture. The branches of architecture.

Session 3

Assit. Prof. Dr. Alma Hudovic

7.  Giving information about courses and explaining the studios lecture. Describe their own studio projects

Session 3

Master’s Student NurBanu Tiftik
Senior Students Burak Sakall?

8. To investigate students on what kind of useful information learned from these session. To compare students’ previous occupational beliefs with the information consistency they know.

Session 3

Gülcan Üzer


7. Also, these are the issues I want to address in sessions:


·         Discussing and helping to students in the process of identifying career possibilities, interests, and goals.

·         Helping students to process the selection of career pathways.

·         Helping to students identification and giving information about the world of jobs (works, occupational careers, professional degrees, career plans etc.)

·         Teaching students’ occupational opportunities in community, state, and nation.

·         Enabling to students to see course materials in the faculty classes in order to adapt them to their department.

·         Giving information of courses and internship opportunities

·         Helping to students meet with experienced people. (A part from the professors, I want to find experienced staff from those who have been working for many years to tell their experiences. These experienced people are really efficient in the process of motivating students for their future career.

·        Helping students compare their previous occupational beliefs with the information consistency they know.

At the end of the project I hope that the students will have information about the following questions;

  What are the activities that the profession requires?

  How is the working environment and conditions? How is the business being run?

  What are the qualifications sought in occupations?

  Is there a limitation or preference for qualities such as age, gender, culture?

  How is the preparation and introduction of the profession?

  What kind of training does the profession require? Educational institutions, duration of education, conditions of entry to these schools.  Progress in profession and income statements.

What is an individual earning and status in the beginning of profession? 


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