I met Oluyide Gbenga in the year  2011 when I and my team went for an internship recruitment at Obafemi Awolowo University, this year marks seven years I have personal and professional dealings with him, then in 2011, he was in his 400 level.  I was amazed at his level of understanding of software development principles and techniques. He shows an exceptional understanding of data structures and algorithms.Because of this ability, he was given an opportunity in my company then Anchors technologies Nigeria.Gbenga has sporadically increased in ability and I know him as a diligent man, he likes taking new opportunities, keeping himself abreast of latest happenings in his field and he gives in to study a lot.When I heard he was employed immediately after graduation by Venture garden group(VGG) I was not surprised, at VGG where he works for four years, and through that he acquired more technical, business and leadership skills, he developed applications that affect and transform various sectors of Nigeria’s economy,he was part of the team that transformed the revenue collection in the aviation sector, power sector and educational sector. Due to all these good works, he was given more responsibilities and was part of the team that developed the vice president dashboard. His good reports in VGG made him the best candidate to be employed when Lagoon hospitals in 2017 needed transformation and headways of its enterprise applications processes; a move we have not regretted. Immediately he joined he gave directions on three major applications in the company, he is someone we respect a lot.Due to his non-complacent nature, yearning, aspirations and extreme passion for software applications developments he has decided to study for higher studies in Estonia.At first, I felt so bad because we are going to miss him during the two years period he will spend studying, but because it is for his improvement, I just had to respect his decisions.From my dealings with him, he is so much interested in the following: Software Development, Data visualization, Big data and analytics, data science.Gbenga is someone I can vouch for any day, you will enjoy working with him on his exceptional quick comprehension and implementation abilities, you will never regret working with him. You can contact me through [email protected] if you have any further questions on Oluyide Gbenga.


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