I currently work in the
health care industry. I’m employed with Penn Medicine in Philadelphia and I
work in a call center with several of my coworkers. Organizational is very
important at my job because a lot of patients call to speak with the doctors,
nurses, or they will want us to type messages to send to the nurses. I
communicate with my coworkers through the computers, face to face, and on the
phone. I think organizational communication impacts organizational
effectiveness because it builds employee morale, satisfaction and engagement.

          “Communication has crucial impacts or
among work groups in that organizational communication is a channel to flow information,
resources, and even policies” (Valleyinternational.net, 2018). It’s essential
to have a good communication system, so that everyone comprehends what the
goals are and can work towards them together. For instance, at my job the
purpose of the call center is to communicate between the patients, doctors,
nurses and my other colleagues. Most of time the doctors and nurses are very
busy seeing patients. Therefore, a lot of the patient calls the call center to
get a message relayed to the nurses or doctors. For instance, a lot of the
patients will call about the symptoms their experiencing, test results or to
make an appointment with the doctors. My job is to make sure I get those
messages to the providers so they can call the patients back.

          Another way that my manager
communicates with the call center is by either sending us emails or having a
meeting in the conference room. As a result, the call center will have more
information about specific tasks and know how to complete them, are more
motivated to get it done effectively. “With the help of good
communication among managers and employees, it becomes clear where the company
is, where it needs to be in the future and which steps need to be taken to get
there. Giving exact direction to employees makes their works less stressful,
faster, more efficient and enjoyable” (Aramyan, P, 2017). 

          The things that interests me the most
about the subject of organizational communication is that it plays an important
role in life. I think reading, writing, and listening are three of the most
important organizational communication skills in my workplace. Ultimately, “the
purpose of the communication is to get the audience to the desired goal, where
the goal can mean to inform, persuade, explain, or to get the audience to take
action” (Pableo, C., 2017).

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