“I of liberating a divided, highly impoverished and

“I always aspire to inspire before I expire”-Eugene Bell Jr. Nelson Mandela dreamt of free South Africa and the whole world from slavery and oppression and through hard work and peaceful negotiations, he became successful in his respected pursuit. I aspire not to be an inch different from the renowned fallen hero. I have a strong ambition of liberating a divided, highly impoverished and struggling Nepali society. On countless times I have heard about the generosity and benevolence of MasterCard scholarships but I am tightly having my will-desire to this scholarship as it will put forward a great step on the fulfillment of my desire of being a hero in the field I shall be working.

Growing up, I have been an ardent lover of numbers, robotics, computational systematics, and physics. The national science fair in 2016 held at a place in Nepal helped me to identify I had placed a Computer Science genius in me, as I won the second prize in this category. More from that, part of my distinctions that I got in my high school exams, the highest mark attained from IT had a stupendous aggregate of 94%, all that made me realize that my career is channeled towards Computer Science (CS). I generally hope to challenge youthful Nepalese community to take education seriously by having a positive attitude towards their studies. I grew up in a community where the most dominant verbatim perhaps is high teenage pregnancy and early planned marriage for the females. With the damage done already, I still believe there is something I can do to curb this trend which our government has failed to do all with the help of my ideologies and hard work. I have started my computer science degree in 2016, after the 4-year spell I will go for Masters degree in the same program and will specialize in software engineering. Charity begins at home, I will not need another thread, I am from Nepal, I will indeed plant back seeds in my native land.I have the dream to open a computer center for my community, given the remoteness of my own community, our government does not care much about us, such that in the national budget, our community’s development strategies funds are not cited, not even on education! I hope that the Computer Science center will put an end to the escalating rates of teenage pregnancy, drug smuggling, and crime and euthanasia cases. As the saying goes, “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, this will be put to an end once the Computer Science center is up and running.

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I hope that it will reduce the strain on the few schools in my community as the center may be a feeder institution to such schools, it will also be part of the national millennium development goals, reduce poverty and high unemployment rates and lastly, it will merge into the upcoming university in years to come, to enrich our country in the Computer Science department.

In the end, what I believe is I am a deserving and needy contender for this scholarship. I have fulfilled all the criteria for this scholarship and am also strongly willing to join the Association of Computer Machinery. Therefore, I am waiting for your positive response which will indeed make me very excited to stay here at La Guardia Community College.