“I will build a wall, and nobody builds a better wall than me.” It’s not a new subject when it comes to the outrages and the love when it comes to Donald Trump. People around the world are in denial about Trump being their president. The reason being is because many don’t like his decisions. Although some may not agree, and he may not say the right things sometimes, but he is still our president. Famous actors have said they wouldn’t stay in America with Trump being their president, but here they are, still in America. The ironic thing is that Trump is growing in fame because of all of the haters. He is definitely one of the most well-known persons on the Earth today. He is continuing to grow more and more each day. Sir Donald Trump was born June 14th, 1946. Trump’s family was a wealthy family, so he was kind of born into some money. When he was a teen his parents thought he was too wild, so military school was arranged. He always helped his father with his real estate business when he was younger. Trump has five kids and he is married to Melania Trump. Developing his life he was given a “small loan of a million dollars”, to help start his business. He has made everything from steaks to board games. The products he’s invented definitely haven’t always been top notch, but that is what entrepreneurs do, take risks. As an entrepreneur, he has filed for bankruptcy multiple times. He’s even received a Hollywood walk star. Which I’m pretty sure civilians have destroyed a couple times. Trump was blamed for scamming at the Trump University and now it is shut down for being bogus. After all of his life, he has moved onto being our leader. In 2000 he actually tried running for president. It is unknown what happened. Currently, a couple years ago he told everyone that he was positive he was running for president. The speech took place at Trump tower in 2015. When it comes to the presidency you have to cool as a cucumber and make good decisions. Trump is not the careful type of president.  A top example of a calm president is to keep your composure and stay relaxed. Obama was relaxed and always kept his composure and didn’t threaten war with foreign countries every 3 seconds. Although midwestern countries like Trump, which is because America is great again, due to a growing economy with more jobs as well. Since we have the technology, the nation measured how many dislike and like Trump. The confidence rate fluctuates from time to time. Two countries have agreed to have more confidence in Trump. Those countries were Russia and Israel. Some countries or leaders have shown disappointment in his leadership skills. Like the German leader, he is not fond of Trump’s leadership ideas. At one event, Trump accompanied G7 leaders from around the world by walking with them in Sicilian, which he claimed he was too tired to walk and went to his golf cart.  So, it is safe to say he isn’t a very good traveler or guest in someone else’s country. Not every country will like Trump, but some might put up with him or completely love him, but he has sparked some more serious relations with countries of the different race. Mainly he was elected to help fight Isis, which would increase military spending.  He has accomplished things like creating thousands of more jobs. We never truly know what Trump is thinking. Although he made America great again, the government is weak still. The impact on the nation’s relations has had a huge effect on the United States. He is known the have baffled the orders of the world. Which we don’t know is true but the data may not lie. Relations with Russia are still sketchy. As everyone knows, North Koreas tensions with the United States. This has been a problem for years now but since the new president has taken office, the issues skyrocketed. Russia’s leader has confirmed that if the right moves aren’t made, a large scale battle could be upon us. It is no joke that North Korea is irritated, especially towards the United States. North Korea has taken it upon themselves to test missiles left and right. Recently they have tested a hydrogen bomb and was confirmed successful. This is not only scary but a huge threat to the United State and many countries that lie within missile path and range. If the United States tries to defend themselves, then North Korea will try to strike us more and more. Either way, they are trigger happy about war with the United States. Since all of these tests are being completed, Trump says all options are on the table. Which we all know what that means. He is ready to strike if North Korea actually hits the United States. With the United States being ready, China and Russia are trying to avoid using any type of military action to escalate a world war. The United States has already attempted to disarm North Korea of their nuclear weapons program, but their answer was anything but an agreement. It is said that if we pressure North Korea enough, they will end the program. North Korea’s leader is playing with fire. North Korea striking us would be very, very dangerous. The outcome would be horrendous. We do have a missile defense, but this only works about half of the time. Better than not having a missile defense system. North Korea is now a country of terrorism. Trump’s immigration policies are good and bad. He has signed a policy called the anti-immigration policy. A lot of illegals that are criminals have been deported. This could be an issue because they may have kids that are now considered legal. Many are being separated from their loved ones. It is a fact that almost a million kids are going to show up the border with no parents due to deportation. Trump promised to only deport the ones committing crimes, although entering the United States without permission or a green card is a crime. Immigration deportations were at an all-time low when Barack Obama was in office. Within 4 months in office, immigration arrests rose by a whopping 37%. In the first couple months, Trump signed a travel ban, banning 8 countries from entering the United States. The court said that Trump was focusing on the religion part of the ban. This ban was blocked by the Supreme Court. Many immigrants are leaving in fear of being deported, day by day. Although everyone thinks Trump’s idea is mass deportation, it’s not. This also brings up the wall Trump wanted to build. Mexico was outraged and denied paying for the wall. In about 10 years the wall would actually pay for itself. He just wants to fix the crimes rate of illegals. It is also not fair to the people of America, that most illegals, can live a better life than American people without having to move a finger. Cars, that’s covered, income, that’s covered. We are letting these illegal immigrants live luxury lives and tending to the best hospitals, while Americans are struggling to provide for their family. The downfall of deporting immigrants is that this will cost money that doesn’t need to be spent. Why can’t immigrants just follow the law and get a green card? The reason being is because this could take years and it could be difficult for them to speak English. This is a major problem in America.


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