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I have known Mr. Vaibav Paliwal from last 24 months. He joined Ericson in October 2015. Since then his sincerity to work and eagerness to develop expertise at data analysis related to server level is commendable and remarkable. I have always been incredibly impressed with his technical knowledge, skills to coordinate and lead critical tasks and commitment to accomplish tasks on time.

He aligned himself with critical issues of Smile network account and effectively and methodically resolved issues. Working in Operations is challenging because complete server ownership comes along with it. However, he has exhibited his ability to manage his shifts systematically and professionally. He analyzes problems well and offers effective and practical technical solutions. Thus, because of his abilities and accomplishments, he has emerged as an asset to the team.

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The Data analysis path is his forte. His attitude towards end deliverables to the customer is positive. Most of the revenue issues have been analyzed by him in which he has ensured no leakage and hence he has been appreciated a lot by the clients. RAN network is about providing internet and is a very crucial aspect in which he has exhibited his praiseworthy dexterity to resolve issues without losing his composure and with a lot of efficacy. His data related knowledge is appreciable and he has been performing exceptionally well in the same.

He values the contributions of his team mates and is always able to keep them motivated. This quality makes him a competent team player. He has a positive outlook for work and forward looking attitude. With his work ethics, he sets positive example before others. With his dynamism and pleasant demeanor, he has maintained cordial relations with his associates and clients by developing a strong network.

Vaibav is a zealous and self-driven professional who is always prepared to accept challenges. He shows innovation in his work and always focuses on extracting the best out of every project in which he is involved. He has been a strong presence in the team with capability to add immense value. I am confident that he will deliver his best performance in all his future endeavors too. I strongly endorse his candidature for admission to the MS program and wish him a bright future