I believe the media does have the
right to subject regulation. The media broadcast spectrum is a limited resource
which is technical owned by the public. Control of the airways is done through licensing
purchased from the federal government. For companies to be granted a license
they must prove that they are operating within the publics best interest. However,
I think we can all agree there are some grey areas. I believe media ownership plays
a big factor in these strict scrutiny decisions that are made. For example, the
deregulation of cable television allows a single company to own and operate newspaper
television and cable companies within a single market. Go figure there’s going
to be some content scrutiny. Forget about where you lie on the political spectrum.
What is the news for? Why are broadcast companies doing the news? Whether you
are an aggressive liberal or a conservative republican you must understand that
you are getting all your information from sources who are giving you their version
of the truth.

Advertising censorship that comes
to mind Kendal Jenner’s controversial Pepsi ad. Pepsi pulled the add April 5,
2017. The ad features Jenner watching, then joining a protest. In this generation
of “the offended” many took offence to the way Pepsi portrayed imagery of the
black lives matter movement. The most controversial image in the commercial is
towards the end of the commercial where Jenner walks to the front of the protest
line and hands a police office a Pepsi. There is a similar comparison to Kendal
Jenner and Leisha Evans and the Baton Rouge protest last year. Many people find
it offensive that Pepsi thinks it can solve these serious issues with a simple
soft drink. All over people are protesting police brutality. Pepsi stood by the
add at first releasing this statement “This is a global ad that reflects people
from different walks of life coming together in a spirit of harmony and we
think that’s an important message.” In my opinion the ad was too soon when big company’s
like Pepsi take these controversial risks the outcome can only go one of two
ways, really good or really bad. In this case Pepsi received a lot of backlash
and decided to pull the ad. 


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