have chosen PwC as the place to start my career because it is a leading,
multinational organisation that have offered me an unique opportunity to be
educated at a renowned university, while gaining hands on experience with
working with projects for the corporate clients which would rapidly improve my
career progression due to the organisations impressive global reputation.

training that I will receive from PwC will prepare me for any job in the
sector, while giving me experience with working in a corporate environment. The
experience that I will gain while working with the technology teams will be
valuable as it will give me an insight into how they work and interact with
clients which will improve my communication and interpersonal skills, which are
both vital to being a good employee and team member. Working with these teams
will also give me an advantage over my peers because as a field, Computer
Science is constantly changing so working on projects that apply new ideas and
technologies will assist me with my studies, as I will already have the
knowledge of how the concepts learnt during the degree can be implemented to
help clients.

will also be given the chance to see how technology can be applied to solve
problems for a business ranging from cyber security to using Big Data to
analyse and improve strategy for a client. Cyber security is an area with ever
increasing importance to businesses of all sizes due to large amounts of
sensitive data now being stored digitally. This data needs protection from all
forms of attacks and any breach can cause damage to both the customer and the
business involved. This is an area I have great interest in and PwC would help
me specialise in this field by giving me experience with working with these
teams, and after completing the degree I could specialise in this field through
one of their graduate programmes.

Another reason why I was to start my career at PwC
is because of the emphasis that they give their core values and the significant
amounts of charitable work they do. I strongly believe all students should be
given an equal chance when it comes to education and searching for employment
which aligns with the work PwC are doing as they already work with over 40
schools in underprivileged areas in the UK, while planning to increase the
number of the people they offer support to over the next few years. The
business’s core ideas  is to challenge their employees to constantly
improve themselves when working  with clients so that problems can be
solved efficiently and effectively, which fits my personal idea that to be a
valuable member of any team you must always be looking for ways to progress in
both ability and communication.  

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Overall, I wish to start my career at PwC because
they represent good values and they will support me in reaching my future ambitions.


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