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I personally believe that a leader is who works hand in hand with his team to achieve goals together and face all the results as a whole. Therefore, in my leadership style, My team members are encouraged to make decisions, Known as the democratic leadership style. From my point of view, I believe that leaders who make decisions only limit the possibility of Understand the problem for the entire team. In fact, many incredible ideas have come from members, ideas which I did not think about myself! This helped a lot in Optimal resolution. As well, when I encourage my team members to make decisions, they feel as if they are part of the project. However, in case we need to make a decision in a short period, I will make it alone.Since I believe that a leader is nothing without his team I learned that the main responsibility of a leader is to know his team well, their ability and giving them responsibilities that appropriate for them. That is what I always do when I am a leader. Locating my teams in a certain area is not to separate them with each other but to give them responsibility in order to make sure that all people contribute because I think the more responsibilities someone has the stronger he or she will be to do more. However, even if each person has his own responsibility does not mean that he or she will simply do it himself. The keyword is collaboration, there will be a discussion before and after each person doing his or her responsibility to give a suggestion and correction.I always try to build and maintain my team as a family. I think that the closer we get, the easier we work together. that is why I try to create events for members to meet outside meetings. I always endeavor to make a more exciting atmosphere at meetings. When members are close, they feel more comfortable to share their ideas. This is key to my leadership style. Members do not hesitate to ask any question, and from this, they learn more from each other. The closer we are, the easier we share personal things. We can share what we anticipate from other members; we look forward to how the team will grow together so that we can dream of the future of our team. This is how I inspire them to achieve my vision, or I would like to say our vision.