I am delighted to recommend Mr. Sathvik Chinnamaru who is very desirous to pursue his Master’s studies at your prestigious university. I have taught him for 3 years and I must say that he always maintained a passion and zeal for his studies in automobile engineering. I have been his professor for the following modules: ‘Electric Vehicles and Hybrid Electric Vehicles’ and ‘Automotive Engineering Systems’. I also supervised his ‘Design and Analysis of Electric Micro-car’ project as his mentor, which I believe peaked his interest in environmentally-conscious engineering research.Unlimited potential, exceptional intellect, and tremendous drive are the qualities that come to my mind when I think of  Sathvik. He is one of the most motivated and highly talented students I have met during my 14 years of teaching. His personal work ethic, reasoning ability, and technical awareness are exceptional. In addition to this, he is extremely liked and respected by his peers, which has aided him in group work situations.Sathvik has been an active participant in classroom discussions and is also a cardinal member of Society of Automobile Engineers club. His participation in different formula student events highlighted his leadership qualities and steadfast dedication. He was able to clearly communicate his ideas, was diligent and pragmatic and followed a goal-oriented approach to ensure an outstanding final product. Being a conscientious, determined and capable person he will be an asset to any institution he is part of. He is very ambitious and I am very confident that he will be very successful in his research and career. I feel that graduate studies at your university would unleash his full potential. He has my highest endorsement and will make an outstanding graduate student.I hence strongly recommend for admission with sufficient financial assistance for the graduate programme in your university. I will watch his career with great interest and high expectations.


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