I would
like to take this opportunity to offer a formal recommendation for Mr. SAI
KALYAN KATTA who is known to me for the last three years as B.E. student. I was
in acquaintance with him when I taught him “Theory of Computation” in his third
semester. He obtained a good grade in this subject. I have also supervised him
in “High Performance Computing Lab” in his seventh semester.


                Having known Mr. Sai Kalyan over the last
three years, I have observed that he is a sincere individual and is unrelenting
in his attempt to attain success in any work he undertakes. This is what makes
him special among people who carry in them the immense ardour to involve in the
vast field of Computer Science.


   Whenever I
delivered lectures in the classroom, his attention was rapt and unwavering, not
for scoring marks, but out of sheer interest in the subject. His pursuit of
knowledge is not a blind rush for marks but is a hallmark of a good student.
One of the things I noticed in him was that he always tries to resort to newer
methods while solving a technical problem. From my observation and interaction
with him, I am of the opinion that he is a very good listener with ability to
grasp complex concepts with ease.


is proficient at analytical and logical thinking. This can be said from the way
he answered the queries posed in the classroom. He is a student, who is always
attentive in the class, receives and retains the information and puts in extra
effort to understand the topics taught. He secured a good academic percentage;
in fact, he has an aggregate of 8.54 which is very good. During my interaction
with him, I discerned that he always has the zeal to do novel things.

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               I would like to refer to Mr. Sai
Kalyan Katta as an ambitious young man, who is looking forward to achieve his
career goals. His fine academic performances along with his thrust for the
practical applications will propel him towards success as a researcher. Hence,
I feel extremely happy to recommend him for the well recognised post graduate
programme at your esteemed university. I wish him good luck in all his future




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