Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure is the pressure of blood squeezing against the path of the arteries. Arteries are vessels which transport oxygenized blood from the heart to the body. As blood travels through the body it creates pressure on the inside wall of the artery, the more pressure the blood flow adds to the arteries the higher the risk of the blood pressure rising. In this case the size of the small arteries affects hypertension. When the muscles within the artery walls are not dilating, the pressure of the blood traveling through them is higher than when the walls are closed.

Over the years hypertension has become a major health issue as it has no symptoms which can allow for it to be detected easily. The common people to have hypertension are 60 years or older, usually male. Hypertension is rare on females and young adults. This condition is very serious because it puts people at risk of heart disease and other medical problems that an average person would not have. Hypertension requires that the heart works harder to pump blood through the body, by making the heart pump extra blood the muscles thickens and stretches.

If the heart becomes too enlarged it would not be able to pump enough blood. If hypertension is not treated it can cause one of the following medical issues:  •Heart attack •Enlargement of the heart •Kidney damage There are many different situations where the blood pressure can raise normally. Physical activities like exercise, brisk walking, and jogging can cause normal hypertension. Stress is one of the situation which caused the blood pressure to rise but that is not consider hypertension as it can be temporary.

Hypertension is detected after a period of multiple blood pressure reading and its results turning out to be higher then normal. The heart of a person who has high blood pressure requires extra work to allow blood to flow smoothly throughout the body oppose to a person who does not have it. The more work the heart has to do can make the muscles in the heart harden which then can make the heart enlarge. Enlargement to the heart can cause it to not pump enough blood through the body which can cause for a heart failure to occur.

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