Hybrid Econ 2 – Sheep Industry

Being involved in the Sheep industry for over 13 years the number one goal for children and even teenagers is to bring home that giant plaque stating that they were either a champion of that they are even a winner! Thats why the GP plaques LLC. strives to make sure our plaques are built to the best standard. What started in a garage in 2010 that has now advanced to a 744 square foot warehouse located in Monterey city where the rent is $1350 a month. https://monterey. craigslist. org/off/6062738039. html GP plaques is making handmade plaques where the base is wooden and the actual award it is on a glass front.

We are currently selling to county fairs in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, and Healdsburg’s county fairs. We are trying to advance to all fairs in California and hopefully one day across the United States. we would also like to advance into instead of just sheep plaques doing numerous different plaques. At the moment i have 10 valuable employees who are able to process a total of 100 plaques a month. What makes my products more valuable is that the glass we use is unbreakable and is hand tested before given out we don’t want any products to be defected.

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In looking into the different plaques to choose from I decided to research different plaques, I chose the unbreakable glass on a wooden platform because it was the most professional looking, and having a professional look and feel to it would better sell my products. I knew i need electric tools and went and researched for the best tools where i would be getting my moneys worth. I found an electric saw for $49. 99 at sears, http://www. sears. com/craftsman-12-amp-circular-saw. I value my materials and made sure to get the best products available.