Wow how do I even begin to explain my feelings after reading and watching the videos on the topic of human trafficking? When I read the assignment for this paper the first thing I thought of before I even went to the website was the movie Taken. In this movie a girl, probably around the age of sixteen, which is old compared to the ages the web page stated, was abducted while visiting a foreign country. She was then drugged and auctioned off as a sex slave. This movie was one of the best movies I have ever seen because of the emotional feelings it evoked in me. How scary would it be to be taken from everyone you know and drugged, sold, and rapped repetedly. I can not imagine what that would feel like.

I would think that having a strong connection with God would be the only thing that would pull you through this kind of torture. I know for me I pray to God to help me through things on a daily basis. However at the same time when I have been faced with a crummy hand I sometimes ask myself why god would let me go through that. It is a struggle to see the good in times like that.

I can imagine that if I was placed in that situation it would possibly test my faith. I could see myself losing my faith in God and questioning if he even existed. When you are faced with that kind of hardship and for so long I don’t know how one could stay strong. Those poor innocent girls. I do not have a daughter but I have a ten year old son and If he was taken and treated that way It would break me as a person. I don’t know if I could even maintain my faith if it was my child.

I would like to think that I would turn to God and my relationship with him would be stronger. However I can also see myself questioning him as well. I guess I would have to look at this as the work of the Devil and try to understand that he is an active part of this world and God is doing everything in his power to overturn his wrong doings. I think people have forgotten that the Devil is trying to corrupt our world everyday, and he is doing a pretty good job of it. We need to strengthen our relationship with God and overcome the devil and the things like this that he has introduced to our society.

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The thing that would be the hardest for these young girls would be recovering from this horrible tragedy that they have gone through. I think this would be the stage when one would have to really turn to God for strength and the ability to talk about what happened. I think these girls would also need guidance from God to be able to let people in emotionally. I mean can you imagine trusting anyone after going through that. I know that the one girl in the video said that she is fully recovered, however I don’t think you could fully get over something so horrific.

I think as a society we need to make ourselves more aware of the things that are going on around us. It is just as much our fault for not educating ourselves about these horrible things. We have become a society that turns a blind eye to these kind of things because we do not want to know the evil in the world. However if we were truly following our faith we would make it a point to seek out the evil and try to overcome it. Thank God for these people who run programs like these and for the patience and nurturing the provide these girls.


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