Running Head: THE HUMAN PERSON My personal gains and insights about the human person Ma. Renalyn C. BadaJos St. Paul University Abstract In this module, there were two thoughts regarding what human person is, one that is based on philosophy and the other was from the modern thought. The Thomistic Philosophy focuses in the definition of person as an individual; while the contemporary thought says that a person is defined in three different scopes, which are as an individual, person and personality.

What personal gains and insights about the human person did you learn in this module? Defining what a person is and its personality relies on what purpose he’s in life, depending on how he lives his life. Based on what I know, my thoughts belong in the contemporary definition of human person. One’s personality is driven by the different combinations of factors that are present in his environment, these factors then will mold the personality of a person and is dependent on how and what form the person ccepts these factors.The early twentieth-century American philosopher and early psychologist William James understood the self as the sum of all that one knows oneself to be and self-awareness as a stream.

The self has two aspects: an “l” that experiences continuity and a “me” that is rooted in bodily existence and captures the sum total of the perceived world claimed as part of the self. l In this citation from William James, the concept of a person’s self defines the meaning of that person to