Mozzigear, buy Mozzigear, Mozzigear mosquito click, Mozzigear mosquito wipeHealthy & safe surroundings with MozzigearMosquitoes and the viruses and parasites transmitted by them are actually the reason for more deaths in human beings per year than any other species. As per estimation, as many as 1 million people around the world die per year due to illnesses caused by mosquitoes such as malaria and dengue fever. Some people also have allergic reactions to mosquito or end up scratching bug bites, resulting in the breaking of skin, which can lead to secondary skin infections which, in turn, may require antibiotics most of the times. To avoid this, buy Mozzigear products which are global leaders in manufacturing mosquito and insect repellants in the form of clicks, wipes and patches, which is slightly unconventional as compared to the usage of sprays, ointment, gels and the like. Specialists suggest the use of repellants, but that too not in excessive amounts, as the DEET content may harm different people of different age groups. Children less than six-months-old should not be exposed to any amount of DEET, while for children of age 12 years and above, this limit may increase to 10%. Keeping this in mind Mozzigear has launched its non-toxic range of products which is suitable for mostly all age groups. It makes this brand more popular and most sought after, especially by parents. Variants available onlineMozzigear mosquito click are portable, convenient, simple and safe to use. It is suggested you use them for children who are over six-months-old. The best part about these products is that they do not have any expiration deadline. These are chemical-free products which can treat and completely remove the itchiness and any inflammation caused by mosquito bites, jellyfish stings, midge bites and the like by just clicking it – this helps to inhibit the production of histamine on the affected portion. Most of all, it is a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) registered medical device. It can treat up to 5,000 bites (5-10 clicks for 1 bite) and no battery is required. Mozzigear mosquito wipes are soft and gentle wipes which are non-toxic, made of alcohol and DEET-free formulation. Unlike sprays and greasy creams, these are easy to apply and also have citronella oil, aloe vera and Vitamin E which benefit sensitive skin. It is a waterproof insect repellant and is effective for almost six hours. You can buy these products online on Lazada which offers free nationwide shipping and free 14 days return policy on all products, to provide its customers with the best shopping experience. Why choose this brand?• This brand is owned by intelligent health system. Their products are scientifically proven and non-toxic.• They are suitable for all age groups as well as skin types.• The company is of Australian origin, with best customer service for all its consumers.• Every purchase of their product aims to donate monthly to UNICEF, helping the children by giving them the future they deserve. 


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