buy BioCair BioCair singapore BioCair online BioCair priceGive the Best to Your Child with BioCairBecoming a mother is nothing less than a blessing. Holding your little one in your arms for the first time can evoke a bunch of emotions that are difficult to explain in words. This is followed by a regular regime of taking care of your newborns; feeding them, bathing them, making sure they sleep properly and get their daily dose of love and affection. It calls for a massive amount of patience, perseverance and energy. In addition to this, it is extremely important to take care of kid’s immunity and making sure he/she do not fall ill. At birth, an infant’s immunity is quite weak and sensitive making them vulnerable to sicknesses and diseases. That is why BioCair in Singapore brings to you its large collection of baby-care products that are exceptionally effective in protecting your child from any kind of sickness. It is one such brand of excellent and 100% authentic baby-care products that help take ample care of your child’s health.It offers to you a huge range of products, such as sprays to prevent foot and mouth diseases, disinfectant sprays, disinfection machines and air purifying solutions. Amongst these, one product that stands out the most is the BioCair BC-65 Anti-HFMD Bioactive Pocket Spray. This has been specially formulated to effectively kill 99.999% viruses of the hand, foot and mouth, the Coxsackievirus A16 and Enterovirus 71 in under 60 seconds. It is absolutely alcohol-free, fragrance-free, eco-friendly and safe to ingest. It also has additional non-sticky, non-corrosive, non-irritant and non-toxic properties. Besides being used for disinfecting your child’s hands and feet before and after childcare, it can also be used to disinfectant pacifiers, bottles and toys. It is also effective in disinfecting and soothing blisters caused by HFMD virus. This entire range of BioCair products is available online on Lazada at an amazingly affordable price.Buy BioCair exclusively from LazadaThe  brand’s collection also includes the highly popular and sought-after BioCair BC-65 4-Pack Air Purifying Solution bundle that is exceptionally effective in killing air-borne pathogens in 30 seconds. Keeping in complete compliance with the US Pharmacopoeia Standards, this product can be used at homes, workplaces, healthcare institutions, and childcare and enrichment centers to combat airborne and surface germs, keeping the air in a closed room free of germs for up to 9 hours. This is an eco-friendly, fragrance free and child-friendly product that has been specially formulated for the child’s sensitive skin. This product is also non-corrosive, non-irritant and non-toxic. All BioCair products are reasonably priced and can easily be purchased from Lazada, where you get the benefits of free nationwide shipping and 14 days free returns policy, adding to a smart and convenient shopping experience.Why Choose BioCair?• It is an extremely popular brand of baby-care products within and outside Singapore.• Every product is formulated naturally without the use of alcohol and any ingredients that are harmful or toxic to the skin and health.• The products are extremely reliable and do not penetrate any side effects.• The entire range of products can be purchased at an incredibly economical price.


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