However, research reveals 70% of the population in the UK has watched reality TV on a regular basis and girls aged 12-17 years state 3 out of 4 of their TV shows they watch are of the genre of reality TV. Evident in the Oxford English dictionary describes the word ‘reem’ as cool, sexy, hot. It can be considered that these new terms are popularising due to the era we now live in, for instance 40 years ago cockney slang was prominent in East End speech such as: ‘apple and pears – stairs.’ Upper class citizens would have frowned upon those terms, then, therefore the elder generations are concerned about the ‘Essex talk’, now. This can be justified by the way society is evolving and how centuries change as culture changes, as well as our democratic taste. If we believe in freedom and free speech, then we have to accept reality TV is an expression of popularity. People are no longer willing to accept what broadcasters believe will receive the best revenue, viewership and ratings, if reality TV is what people want then this should be provided. This links to the active role the audience plays in interpreting the media into their own lives. The Uses and Gratifications theory fulfills the entertainment needs of audiences when consuming both TOWIE and Love Island we are provided with enjoyment and a form of escapism instead of being educated. The approach centred around informing and educating is provided by documentaries produced by channels, such as the BBC. An example of documentaries include: David Attenborough and the Giant elephant and Wonders of the night sky.The Daily Star captures reality TV stars gossip from TOWIE and Love Island in a double page spread and extra pull out, bylined, James Ingham. The typography consists of a pink background and white, bold, block capitals headlining ‘Liv and Chris fight back’ and ‘John blasts Towie crew.’ The colour manipulation encourages a young female audience to read about the gossip, yet the focal image of Olivia Attwood attracts the male gaze, coined by Laura Mulvey; due to her seductive black lingerie and heels. Ingham placing this content over the double page spread highlights The Daily Star focuses significantly on celebrity news, compared to other newspapers like The Guardian and The Independent who concentrate on political issues. For example: “Australia condemns UK Brexit trade plan as unacceptable.” As a result, it can be noted only certain newspapers are accountable for ‘dumbing down’ society; this includes The Daily Star.The daily Star conveys the Marxist idea, a theory conducted by Karl Marx whereby the elite have the power over the masses. (KARL’S BOOK QUOTE) The TOWIE and Love Island cast are demonstrated as the bourgeoisie, presenting both Kem and Amber wearing designer clothes for instance: Jimmy Choo trainers. In reality these people belong to the proletariat, within the working class like many other Essex citizens. However, this bourgeoisie demonstration, via print media invites the reader into the wealth and success of the stars. For example: Tommy Mallet has his own shoe brand, ‘Mallet Footwear’ which has transpired into him having a website and portraying his company via the TOWIE show to increase marketing and advertising. This allows the audience to gain information and learn what he did to achieve his level of success, which is especially meaningful if we desire something similar ourselves. Therefore, the reality TV shows are more than cheap entertainment as the audience uses the text in an active way, by understanding the hard work that needs to be put into a business, which is a career choice, popular and within societies democratic taste.


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