Howard L. Emmons Elementary School opened its doors in 1964 and the name originated from Mr. Emmons for the purposes of honoring his service of thirty-five years in the education board of Pemberton Township where his services extended for a period of twenty-nine years in his capacity as the chairperson Howard L. Emmons Elementary School has a population of 370 children taking preschool grades to the fourth level. The staff of the institution is very dedicated and corporative the schools principal, Mr. Beebe towards transforming the school into a warm as well as inviting place for the conducive environment for the learning of the students.

The goals of the school is a s Social Work Practice trive towards the provision of the highest quality of education possible for the interest of the children. The education is intended to be appropriate in terms of development of the entire students community all along from the preschool classes. To achieve this objective therefore, the school has provided a curriculum with programs of the highest scope, capable for the provision of the experimental activities to the students for the purpose of the development of the skills in language. The preschool program has a special focus on the social skills of the children.

Developmental pathways responsible for learning are also a special focus of the school at each level of education which was founded by James Corner Dr. which is the Reform Model of the entire school source. For the effective competence of the members of the staff towards the realization of the goals, visions and objectives of the school, the school has facilitated workshops meant for their professional development as a requirement of the district. This was achieved through the use of a team that is based in the school with the responsibilities of presenting the content of the workshop to the faculty of the school.

Ares covered by these workshops include the Instruction Differentiation, strategies of Math as well as English, writing skills development and the Brain Research (www. pemberton. k12. nj. us/emmons). The areas of Brain Research have especially attracted major interest to the staff members of the school as well as its application at the level of the classroom. A study in constructivism, which is a type of educational pedagogy and a significant basis of the new series of math, has been implemented in the school.

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The importance of this is the encouragement on the teachers on going learning and consequently the introduction of the research in education into the school for the benefit of the staff members. In the course of the year, the school has the provision of different funs as well as exciting events of the like of “Grandparents’ Day, the State Multicultural Fair, the Young Ladies’ Dance, the Fall Festival, the Spring and Winter Concerts among the many interesting events of the like” (www. pemberton. k12. nj. us/emmons).

Most of the parents and the staff of the school are dedicated volunteers with a strong devotion towards the success of these events and as is the situation this year majority of the businesses have contributed towards donating items of crucial assistance towards the success of the events. The schools mission is based on the provision of an environment that is safe as well as caring whereby the school exists as a community with the entire student body involved in building of the strongest foundation of academic, social as well as emotional aspects so as to ensure a positive love with regard to learning in a society that is multicultural.

The achievement of this mission in the school is enhanced through the implementation of the visions of the school as provided for in its vision statement. Every child in the school must achieve the full academic, social as well as emotional potential in a bid to the preparation of molding them into exceptional citizens in the globe (Wood & Tully, 2006). There evidently occurred changes over the last two years in the institution geared towards the improvement of service delivery in the school for the benefit of the students.

The changes are meant to encourage the community to enroll their children in the school where they can be molded into good future citizens. The field agency for the purpose of this case study is a public institution that is funded through the contributions of the parents and additional funds from the donors. The school is supposed to serve the interests of the students with no profit motive behind it.

This creates a sense of attraction to the students who are intended to benefit from the services offered in the agency as they are academically, socially as well as emotionally developed into responsible adults in the future. According to the status of the school, the range between preschool to the fourth grade is the maximum time extension that can be accorded the clients which is a sufficient duration for the intended results to have been passed to the right client. Educational skills are of primary importance although the social as well as emotional skills are focused in the process (Shulman, 2006).

It is the responsibility of the teachers as well as the social workers such as the custodian of the school to take the active role of uplifting the life of the students while addressing the academic issues, the social issues, and the emotional development of the students in the school at the time that they attain their 4th grade. This is achieved through the concentration of the effort of the member of the staff to a specific client who is in need of support in the agency. It is evident that some students have special needs dual to some inherent natural factors that are not of their own making.

This is a situation requiring some form of intervention in a way that is ethical so that the individual is protected from any form of physical danger. Such a situation requires a close supervision as well as contact for keeping record of the proceedings. Most of the cases requiring special attention are associated with other potentials that if natured are a result of great contribution to the life of the individual in the future. It is therefore important to keep contact with this client for the program to be of positive benefit to the client and as a symbol of success of the institution (Shulman, 2006). The administration of Howard L.

Emmons Elementary School has the responsibility of implementing measures geared towards the understanding of the use of the social work skills responsible for engagement at their disposal to set the appropriate goals, make relevant interventions as well as evaluate the client system in order to meet their goals as well as objectives. The client is a seven-year-old African American male diagnosed of autistic disorder, which is high functioning. This is a situation that the case manager, social worker as well as the teacher feels his behavior is very similar of a child diagnosed with aspergers disorder (Malcolm, 2005).

The NASW mission statement is of great influence to the achievement of the goals and the aims of the mission of this agency and affects positive congruence with the policies and procedures of the agency. The influence on strengthening and uplifting the morale for the purpose of positive response in this program is of vital importance Tim is seven years of age and facing the problem of improper body functioning. Most of his functions of the body are uncontrollable. He is entitled to attend an OT session two times in each an every week accompanied to a speech as well as a language session similarly two times in every week.

The client has attended the bathroom alone for more than ten times since the beginning of the school. He was also in a position to pee inside the classroom at the presence of the other members of the classroom with one in stance of soiling himself inside the classroom. At both of the instances Tim had the experience of the pee going down the floor to the extent of covering the entire floor calling for the assistance of the custodian to come to the aid of Tim and help in the cleaning with the class being removed from the room (Wood & Tully, 2006).

A behavioral modification plan has been put in place for the purpose of assisting Tim. In the instance that Tim is in a position to visit the bathroom after every one hour and successfully uses the bathroom, the he automatically qualifies for a ticket, which, in a cumulative manner is responsible for making him qualify for a shopping in the store of the classroom once the week is over. This plan was implemented way back two and a half weeks ago hence making it possible that Tim was not in a position to attend the bathroom on himself inside the classroom but occasionally during the time of the gym as well as the lunch time.

This is ideally aimed at making sure that by the time January 2009 comes; Tim will be in a position to visit the bathroom without necessarily having to receive rewards (Malcolm, 2005). The parents of Tim are aware of this inherent problem but lack the idea as to how best to support Tim and the only thing that they are in a position to assist is to send clothes meant for changing by Tim. The study team of the child has not devised the appropriate plan as far as addressing the problem of Tim is concerned.

The issue that has been of the greatest contribution towards the enhancement of the welfare of team is the visit to the bathroom, an action that has been promoted for him to attend the facility without asking for an emergency. Most of the problems of Tim are less behavioral as has been observed by the class teacher. However, the gym teacher has fewer skills as far as handling Tim is concerned making the class teacher to embrace most of these responsibilities. The teacher believes that Tim is smart and in a position to read at the second grade level.

It is evident that he has been able to score high in the majority of the subjects and notable improvements in the skills of socialization (Malcolm, 2005). According to the mission of the institution, Tim has received considerable care responsible for his safety in an environment where care and support has been provided. The entire community of the school has been friendly in a way that the promotion of a strong foundation in the context of academics, emotional as well as the social development has been enhanced.

It is the expectation o the parents, the teacher as well as the social custodian responsible for the upbringing of Tim that the child will be in a position for the achievement of the full potential through the promotion of a strong academic, social and emotional background (Shulman, 2006). The promotion of the well-being of this particular client is of vital contribution to the future reliability and contribution to the productivity of the child. It is the obligation of the teacher to mold the child into a reliable future citizen despite the physical dilemma that confronts the child now.

This particularly demanding situation requires the dedication of the teacher as a requirement governing the successful upbringing of the child. The child is innocent as well as ignorant of the situation facing his life and only the teacher, the parents and the social worker can offer the solution towards the problems that the child is facing. The realization of the work of development as a potential trend necessary for the promotion of affairs of social welfare is of paramount importance.

The work of the development of the child is an important instrument responsible for the steering of events in the situation of the occurrence of new practices as well as services with the emergence of social problems. This is a project to be undertaken for the purpose of initiating a change. The neglect of the child as a member of the school reflects the failure of the school to meet its mission, vision as well as goals and objectives. This failure would be responsible for painting a negative picture of the entire school and therefore depicting the school as a failure (Shulman, 2006).

The client has been noted to posses the ability to read as well as score highly in all the subjects. It therefore applies that the students academic skills can be adequately enhanced with the solution of the clients physical problems. It is further noted that the client does not posses behavioral problems that may hinder his academic, social and emotional development. The only problem with the client as has been diagnosed is autistic disorder similar to an aspergers disorder. The situation requires the contribution of the parents of the client, the case manager the teacher and the social worker.

The ability of the client to read as well as score highly in the academic subjects is of pivotal role towards the development of an intervention plan to help solve the situation of the client. This is especially a source of motivation of the teacher as well as the parents towards offering immense support to the client (Wood & Tully, 2006). The realization of the inherent problem of the client and the potentials as well as the strengths that the client posses is of vital contribution towards the setting of the goals of the program aimed at assisting the client.

This helps in the establishment of specific as well as measurable objectives while targeting the time framework. Setting the goals forms one of the most effective tools responsible for progress due to the awareness of the affected individuals to the expectations of the program that is intended and the goals as well as the objectives that have been targeted. The process of the specification of the right course of action is one effect of proper setting of the goals and forms a component of importance as far as the development of the client is concerned.

This is based on the realization of the problem requiring approach, the weaknesses as well as the strengths of the client and the available resources responsible for the success of the program (Malcolm, 2005). Through the action of setting the goals that are sharp as well as with clear definitions, the measurements as well as the pride in the cause of their implementation can easily be achieved. It is also possible to realize a forward progress from a situation that initially existed as an extended pointless grid.

This is the situation facing our client who may be vied as being physically handicapped. The self confidence of the client as well as the case manager, the teacher, the custodian as well as the parents of the client are most likely to be raised through appropriate goal setting. This is based on the potential capability of the participants to recognize the potential ability as well as the competencies inherent in the client responsible for the achievement of the stipulated goals and objectives (Shulman, 2006). Conclusion

It is most appropriate to focus on the strength regarding the client as a crisis that may arise while focusing on the real problem and never view the situation as being hopeless. By focusing strictly on the problem there are greater possibilities of encountering success while eradicating the stress as well as stigmatization through the identification of the strengths of the client. No matter how the complexity of the mental situation of the client is perceived to be, there always exists some potentials and strength as the basis of action.

Enough time is required for familiarization with the exact strength (Wood & Tully, 2006). The client should be treated as an upright person in the first place just as any other student in the class is being perceived. Equal respect is a requirement with appropriate boundaries and with the realization of the role of the client as well as the care that the client deserves. It is important to offer a supervision of the highest order to the client. The supervision is aided through the use of an expert and professionally trained and experienced for the purpose of offering the support of the highest quality to the client.

The contribution of the expert will enhance the distinction of the appropriateness of the client to the inappropriate collusion, thus offering some degree of tolerance. It is also important to let the client understand in consecutive stages of development that anybody is responsible for his own actions of which there is need to hold responsibility and behaviors that are unfavorable as well as dangerous are usually unacceptable. There is a need for a constant communication with the case manager as well as the parents of the client for the purpose of avoiding constant problems.


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