Self Assessment 1 Individual Self Assessment Jennifer D. Williams MGT 604 Organizational Behavior Ken Pinaire August 27, 2010 Individual Self Assessment 2 The following is the result of my individual self assessment. Active Listening Skills Inventory My score was 45 out of 75. The assessment score indicates that I am not as good of a listener as I think I am. The area I need to focus on is learning how to be more attentive when listening. It also says that I need to focus more on a person when they are talking and allow them to finish their ideas without interruption. Appreciating and Valuing Diversity

The score for me in this area was 48/50. The score indicates that I have an understanding of the importance of valuing diversity. I exhibit behavior according to the score of being supportive and appreciative to diversity. There is a tendency sometimes to not hear people out when they do not think like I do. I do not like to engage in conversations that I perceive to be ignorant or a waste of time. This is definitely true. Assessing How Personality Type Impacts Your Goal-Setting Skills According to the Hartman Personality Profile I am motivated by intimacy with a code color of blue.

There is a need to be understood, appreciated, accepted and am morally good. I want to please others, reveal insecurities, and want to feel secure. As a goal setter, I am highly disciplined personally and professionally. I am goal-oriented. Plans are well thought out in detail and have superb follow through. Assessing Your Creative Quotient A score of 43/48 is revealed. It suggests that I am highly creative. This area is used to describe how the human brain is split into 2 halves with each having its own special abilities. According to the score the source of my creative thinking is to look at brain lateralization.

Individual Self Assessment 3 Assessing Your Emotional Intelligence The score of 85 suggests I have a relatively high emotional intelligence and that I am practicing most of the emotional intelligence behavior. Five areas are ranked. They are total self awareness, self management, self motivation, empathy and social skills. The scores are as follows and suggests they need to be brushed up on: total self awareness 18/20, self management 18/20, self motivation 14/20, empathy 18/20 and social skills 17/20. Assessing Your Ethical Decision-Making Skills In this area there is no right or wrong answer. My ethics score is 46/50.

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This score suggests that I am an honest person, responsible to others, trust with open communication, and obey the laws of the United States. Two final suggestions are that I have integrity and treat others with dignity. Assessing Your Flexibility I am flexible about certain things. There is a high level of self confidence noted. There is tendency by me to set high unrealistic standards and I may not always be satisfied with my accomplishments. There is a fluctuation in my self esteem and debate about whether I did the right thing. The test suggests that I have trouble making decisions and sticking with them.

This I do not agree with. Assessing Your Leader-Member Exchange This area identifies the relationship between me and working managers/supervisors. The overall score is 48. The areas tested revealed me to have the following scores: 12/38-low leader-member exchange, 39/60-high overall member exchange, 11-high mutual affection, 13-high loyalty, 9-high low professional respect and 15-high contribution to work activities. The scores indicate that the dedication to my job is not affected by the way I feel about my supervisor. Individual Self Assessment 4 Assessing Your Perspective Taking

I received a score of 29. This indicates high perspective taking. Women tend to score higher in this assessment area than men. This score identifies me to be an effective communicator who chooses the right road. Career Planning Based on Brain Dominance and Thinking Style Inventory This area assist with identifying what career a person is best suited for. My common style is D. It represents the left brain mode. I have a secondary of C, the right brain mode. D is the highest score you receive in this area. The score indicates that I am pragmatic, practical, decisive, realistic, organized, and detail minded.

The result of D, says many in this category make excellent managers, planners, and implementers. Corporate Culture Preference Scale Used to identify who has the power to make things happen and how they use that power. The scale allows a person to identify cultures best suited for them. The four corporate cultures and my scores are as follows: 1/6 -culture (work value is incompatible with a control culture), 3/5-performance culture (incompatible with performance culture), 5/6-relationsip culture (compatible with relationship culture) and 3/6-responsive culture (incompatible with responsive culture).

In this area it is noted that manager’s actions speak louder than words. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader? I received a score of 98 in this area. This suggests that I have excellent leadership skills. I agree with this result. This test ranks seven strengths. The results I received in the seven areas are: personal stability (best ranking), productivity (best ranking), self management (best ranking), boundary setting (strong ranking), communication (strong ranking), work quality (best ranking), Individual Self Assessment 5 team work (best ranking).

Identify Your Preferred Organization Structure The test score ranges from 15 to 75. I received a score of 50. Mechanistic and organic are the two structures. I possess an interest in both. The mechanistic structure has a narrow span control with a high degree of formalization and centralization of rules and procedures. Organic structure is the opposite. Team Role Preference Scale This scale assesses a person’s role in meetings and similar activities. Five team roles are identified. In the role of encourager, gatekeeper, and harmony I scored a 15. These roles are people oriented.

There is a score of 13 for the final two (initiator and summarizer). These two roles are task oriented. I possess the strengths needed to keep a team together and harmonious. Type “A” Scale I received a score of 107 on the type “A” Scale. This score places me in the moderate type “A” category. Three dimensions are ranked on this scale. My results are: impatience-6/7, job involvement-5/7, hard driving/competitive-6/7. The three scores identify me with type “A”. What is Your Communication Style Under Stress? Withdrawal and controlling are my styles under stress according to the test.

In a conversation, the dialogue skills I am quite skillful at are that I start with the heart, learn to look, make a person feel safe, master my stories, state my point and move to action. It is suggested that I work on exploring other paths. What is Your Preferred Conflict-Handling Style This area is used to measure my level or interest in applying each of the five styles of conflict Individual Self Assessment 6 handling. The score ranges from 3 to 15. A high number represent a preference for a conflict-handling style.

The scores I received and the areas rated are: Integrity-15, obliging-9, dominating-5, avoiding-4, and compromising-13. Your Preferred Decision-Making Style This area rates the style which reflects the way a person typically visualize and think about a situation, which situations to avoid, what kind of job you enjoy, things you dislike, how you communicate and make decisions. My style is analytical according to the test. This style is suggested for investors. I am not an investor. I am a retired Air Force Registered Nurse. I do agree with the statements made to describe Buffet the wealthy investor.

I am like him, nothing bothers me and I do rely on facts and reasoning. The test says no individual have one style but at times we exhibit traits from the other styles. In conclusion, I feel the assessment rated me properly. I found that if you answer the questions truthfully that it almost analyzes you as you know yourself. I found most of the answers to be on point when rating and describing me. I enjoyed doing the assessment and recommend it be taken by everyone. Individual Self Assessment 7 Reference http://www. mhhe. com/business/management/buildyourmanagementskills/menu_matrix_sa-html


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