How to be perfectly prepared on a daily

How important are we, as Human
Resources (HR) Sergeants in a Profession of Arms? What is a profession? A
profession is a paid occupation in which an individual is required to obtain
specialized training, formal qualification, certification and it often involve
prolonged intensive training and preparation. Profession not only mean to be perfectly
prepared on a daily basis but must be able to meet the strict criteria and
regulations as well.  The HR professional
should be a leader who is agile, versatile and nimble who is able to problem
solve, plan and prepare his units for success. Everybody has a tendency to be
successful, a successful HR Sergeant must to be confident in their decisions.
It follows from that, that generally we can consider the HR Sergeant as an
expert, of matured personality, somebody who meets the high moral and ethical
values set forth by the country and the United States Army.

           The profession of arms is
comparable to other professions such as lawyers, doctors or professional
athletes. The Army’s professional culture consist of Soldiers who are
specialized on special knowledge and skills, which aren’t commonly found in the
civilian world and which can’t be gained by short training. It’s a trait possessed
by Soldiers and separates them from they’re civilian counterparts. A professional
Soldier becomes the expert in a very specific occupation and field where he is
considered a subject matter expert. The nature of the professional Soldier’s
training focuses on obtaining skills and expertise vital in order to achieve
mission success while ensuring the safety of his country and fellow Soldiers. Soldiers
took an oath where he swears that to protect and defend the Constitution of the
United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. A commitment
level not commonly found in civilian society.

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In order for the profession leaders to maintain a balancing role we must
understand the relationship between the Army’s culture and institutional
practices. When out of balance we may not be able employ the capabilities
needed for mission success. We must understand the current and potential of the
four field of expertise to maintain mission success. Junior leaders must
understands the goals at a strategic level and its near and long term effects
on the Army’s climate and culture. There needs to be open communication between
junior leaders and strategic leaders about current operating environments.  Leaders must work together to plan for
potential future operating environments. 


profession of arms is considered as an occupation with a generally high level
of risk. To be of certain profession mean that you have the knowledge and
expertise to problem solve and make informed decision on any matter. To be a
professional you must remain extremely disciplined in a time of adversity and
continue to uphold the highest standards. It governs the principles and rules
of a professional Soldier’s behavior. These principals and rules represent
respected military values, culture and traditions.

of all, as you might have noticed from the above information the profession of
arms certainly is a very demanding profession that requires leaders to be well
versed in decision making and problem solving. 
All leaders must communicate effectively while having common
understanding of the culture and climate of the Army and its institutional
practices. The professional leaders must always adhere to the standards at all
times. All leaders should be mentally agile and versatile. The profession of
arms requires determination, motivation, physical and mental resiliency to deal
with challenges in current and future operating environments.