How can we clear Paper Jam on an Inkjet printer of Canon?

A printer is a wonderful technical device that helps many and is used by millions of people across the globe at some point or the other. In fact, people tend to install them at their home or offices. Later, they realize it’s easy to buy but difficult to handle. You can install it in the home or your office at the throwaway price but when it comes to maintaining it, one gets frustrated. The main issues arise when multiple errors line down and your device gets hampered. To avoid this issue, one must keep in mind to read the manual very carefully.

Canon Customer Support ensures that you do not face any hindrance while using the product by providing instant solutions. You can ask them anything related to the product and you will get the answer speedily.

Is your Canon printer facing a paper jam? This is till date the most usual hiccup faced by this device.

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How to do it?


1.      Remove the wires from the socket of a Canon Inkjet printer. This is a crucial way to prevent one from getting whammed.

2.      Dement the access panel from the back of this hardware cum software.

3.      It is important to look at the sheet on the reverse side. If you found any, ensure to clean it before you leave.

4.      Keep the articles in the same place as they were placed before.

5.      Then, look for the upper panel where you will get to uplift to replace the ink container. Follow the same steps as above to check if any paper is jammed or not.

6.      Remove if you find any but keep in mind to remove it slowly and gently otherwise you may harm the components and hence, malfunction the Inkjet Printer.

7.      Similarly, keep the accessed elements back in place as they were before the access.

8.      The final step is to put the cord back in the socket and try to print. If you are able to print it, then congratulations you have done your job.

Know more about the issues that might occur in the course of using this and their prompt solutions from our experts by dialing Canon Helpline Number.


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