At the beginning of the play Russell introduces us to the characters of Mrs Jhonstone and Mrs Lyons. Mrs Jhonstone has got a job, but Mrs Lyons has a very well paid husband who works away. Mrs Jhonstone has got 7 children and another 2 on the way. Mrs Lyons can’t have children so Mrs Jhonstone sells one of her babies she is having so that both mother can be happy, because Mrs Jhonstone is all ready getting threaded with the welther officer. A quite from the play “I could manage with one more but not two.”Her husband used to say “all we had to do is share hands and you would be pregnant” with mrs jhonstone having all her children it seems like she didn’t plan her family, but on the other hand mrs lyons wanted a big family but as she couldn’t have a child “I wanted to adopted but Mr lyons all ways wanted a son of this own.” That is a quite from the play, this means Mrs Lyons is lonely. Mrs Lyons is lonely because she is on her own she hasn’t got a child and her husband works away, we get the impression that she hasn’t got many friends.Mrs Jhonstone has fears when she finds out she is having twins. But when she tells mrs lyons she says give one of them to me at first mrs Jhonstone says “Oh, Mrs lyons you can’t be serious” mrs lyons says your 4 months pregnant but only just starting to show, so..So am four months pregnant.” Mrs Jhonstone says “Are y ………Are y that desperate to have a baby?” Mrs lyons didn’t answer at first, she tryed to change the subject by saying your all ready getting treated by the welther people. Mrs jhonstone says yes to giving one of her babies to mrs lyons because she know she would be able to see it every day and to would have a better life than what she could give it.They both feel happy because Mrs Lyons is getting a baby and Mrs Jhonstone finally getting her life back on track after getting the bad news. And Mrs Lyons is getting what she has all ways wanted. This makes use feel happy for Mrs Lyons but sad at the same time for Mrs. Johnston as she is going to give her baby away but we all know that its for the best so that Mrs jhonstonsone children don’t go in to care.The audience starts to see a more ruthless side to Mrs Lyons. She asks her husband for �50 to pay for the nursery, but it was to pay Mrs Jhonstone to leave her work. Mrs Jhonstone sold her child to Mrs Lyons. When the children are seen together by Mrs Jhonstone tells them off. But Mrs Lyons hits Edward. She later realise she has gone too far. Straight afer she has hit Edward she say ” you see, you see why I don’t want you mixing with boys like that! You learn filth from them and you behave like this-like a, like a horrible little boy, like them but your not like them. You are my son, mine and you wont, you wont ever…………….” She then notices the terror in Edwards face and realizes how heavy she has been. Gently she pulls him to her and cradles him. This is a stage direction after she has hit him and shouted at him.Mrs Lyons don’t want the boys to meet because she will lose her adopted son, but Mrs. Johnstone don’t want them to meet because of what Mrs. lyons has told her that if the two boys was ever to meet they would die, this makes the audience scared for the two boys and the two mothers. Mrs Lyons has also lied to Mrs. Lyons so that she can keep her adopted son. But she knows in her heart that it is wrong as we see later on in the play.When Mrs lyons moves away with Edward Mrs Jhonstone is thinking she will never get to see her son again, but one day she gets a letter from the council saying that she is getting re housed in the county everyone on her street is so happy that they are moving and Mrs Jhonstone is so happy that her life is getting back on track. Then when they move Mrs Jhonstone meets Edward again when Mickey and Edward become friends but don’t realise they knew each other until they become friends again. Mrs Jhonstone knows she can’t stop Eddie and Mickey being friends. But when Mrs Lyons finds out she flies into a rage and tries to kill Mrs Jhonstone. Because Mrs Lyons thinks that Mrs Jhonstone is following her because Mrs lyons is paranoid because she knows she has done a bad things buy the child, but she isn’t Mrs Jhonstone got moved by the council. Mrs Lyons is scared that she will have her adopted son take of her. Mrs Lyons become angrier as the play goes on and she goes to stab Mrs. Jhonstone when she is in her kitchen.Then later on in the play Edward meets Linda and Mickey meets Linda but Mickey really likes Linda and Linda likes Mickey so they start dating, but Edward is really likes her and he tells she in a way. Mickey gets Linda pregnant so they think they best get married and they have lovely wedding. And Mickey is working so hard so that he can take his new wife out for dinner and to go dancing. She wants to know where he got the money from and he says just be ready for 8. Then he goes off to meet Sammy, and Sammy shots a man and they have to get him in the house before anyone sees. Linda turns up and Sammy hides the gun under the house, then he runs off as the police are arriving Mickey is placed in prison. Linda goes to see Mickey in prison and asks him in prison and says “What are y doin? What ma takin’ me tablets? I have told you, you don’t need them there just junk”. When Mickey comes out of prison he is still taking the tablets and everyone is worried for him.Then Mrs Lyons tells Mickey that Edward has been sleeping with his wife while he was in prisons So Mickey goes to see Edward and says I have come off the pills now Edward says oh Mickey ” well I can see clearly now you see why have you been sleeping with my wife while I was in prison for something I didn’t do, I came her to talk to you but” The police come and say drop the gun son,then Mrs Jhonestone says ” Mickey Mickey. Don’t shot him Mickey…….” ” Goo away man… Man You go away from here.” ” No son ( she then walks on to the plat form to be closer to him) at this point every body is sceard for all of them. Mrs Jhonstone says ” Mickey. Don’t shoot eddie. Hes you brother. You had a twin brother. I couldn’t afford to keep you both of you” mickey says ” I could have been him” then he pulls the trigger and shots Edward.


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