How to make money from your blog

Are you blogger
who wants to make money from your blog? If the answer is yes, then are several
ways you can make money from your blog. Blogging has become one of the ways in
which many people are making their extra income and some are even making a

How much do bloggers earn?

To all who
understand the importance of blogging and take it seriously they make good
money from their blogs. For instance they are bloggers who make around $
2,000,000 per month. Many people may overlook the importance of blogging but to
all who are making a million dollar from their blogs, blogging is a career like
any other.

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do bloggers make money?

Bloggers basically make money from advertisements.
The thing about blogging is that it requires patience. You will need to win the
confidence of your reader by writing about content they can easily relate to.
This will make them revisit your website and even follow you on social media so
as not miss the information you keep updating.

As you plan to make money from your blog below we
look at ways on How to make money from your blog

cost per click or Cost per impression adverts in your blog

Many people who are in blogging may have heard
about Google AdSense. Google AdSense is one of the common forms of adverting
platform that you can place in your blog for placing the above ads. Unlike in
direct sale where you will have to contact the individual customer or company
to place their ads inyour site, with Google AdSense you will not need to know
the persons putting the adverts. Other platforms that you could choose include
Infolinks etc.

Advertise for other people or

This will work best if your blog has a lot of
traffic. Number is what matters, so if your blog has less followers it will be
likely that it will attract any marketers or adverts.  These adverts can be done by either placing a
link of client in your website, mentioning your clients’ products or simply
placing their advertisement banner on your site. Unlike in cost per click or
Cost per impression adverts which are managed by others, direct adverts will
enable you negotiate for a better deal.

Affiliate marketing

Another way to make money from your blog is by
affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing one gets paid through commission
every time someone buys an item from your site or blog. Someone may be asking
how the marketer will know the sale is from my site. Well the answer is that
the marketer gives you a unique code that will help track each sale from your
site or blog. A good example of marketers who affiliate marketing is Amazon.

Use you blog to sell your own

For bloggers who have products or are skilled in
doing something you could use your blog to market yourself.  For instance a person offering web design
services could start a blogging site about web design. Eventually after getting
a good number of followers you could market your skills. This will increase
your chances of getting business than when you just create a website and update
it once in a while.



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