how AAP changes indian political dynamics?

The stupendous victory of AAP is quite a revelation indeed. The KeJriwal co. has been among those few parties to emerge victorious in their very first move into politics. A rare accomplishment in deed consider the BJP itself took 5 decades to do the same with embarrassing results of 2 seats in a 70’s decade election and Lok satta here at Bangalore only had to be content with good number of votes as consolation.

The Sampoorna kranthi of Jayprakash narayan comes close to what AAP would have acheived if any (1 lac at banglore assembled for spech of Jay prakash narayan) but the mergency provisions of the then interestingly congress government put and end to the idea which today is at the receiving end of today’s AAP kranthi. eventually the lanta0DSJDlJ etc) offshoots came to being later but only fizzed away with wave dying down.But the real question remains will AAP end up into the list of India’s long standing typical political parties or remain true to its word of much awaited change. Both these possibilities have equally but varied outcomes both in the short term and the long term view. If AAP does fall into the list of existing political class it creates oom for any new “AAM AADMI ka party” willing to promise change and respond and behave on lines of the change promised indeed.

On the other hand if AAP does meet it “AAP KA PARTY” ideology to respond to people’s changes will only pressurize regular parties of obsolete and outdated political functioning system to change with AAP increasing popularity undoubtedly spreading India wide. The outcomes seem only positive and interesting indeed. And either way in all aspects of political change and discourses for now time will only tell what future of India’s politics hold. But for now it all seems to be n the right track.


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