HOUSING Cold Weather Shelter in Santa Clara County.


Name:  HomeFirst

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Center for Nonprofits, 507 Valley Way, Milpitas, CA 95035


[email protected]

9:00 am/ 5:00 pm

of services: Varies from $860 to $1254 (it is based
on their income)

requirements: They need to be homeless or in an urge
of being homeless. They would also need a referral from the county or from
their work saying that they are on the verge of being homeless.

person for the organization: Sofia

in details about the program and services:

HomeFirst controls the
functioning of shelter sites and housing across Santa Clara County. They help
thousands of homeless individuals, youth, veterans and families with children every

Reception Center by HomeFirst is the best homeless service center in the Santa
Clara County. They are open throughout the year, 24 hours a day, allotting
transitional housing and shelter. At the Sobrato Family Living Center, they
provide the best services for veterans and homelessin the County. They also
provide mental health counseling, transitional housing, employment placement,
emergency shelter and assist families of veterans who are at risk of being

have the substantial outreach program for people in encampments and living on
the streets in San Jose. They are also managing Santa Clara County’s Cold
Weather Shelter Program for nearly thirty years.

Weather Shelters:

1980, they have been providing services, housing and shelter to people facing
homelessness in Santa Clara County

1980, they have been providing services, housing and shelter to people facing
homelessness in Santa Clara County. They are the huge provider of Cold Weather
Shelter in Santa Clara County. The CWSP is open from October 16 to April 15.
This scheme is funded by the County of Santa Clara and has been primarily
operated by HomeFirst for nearly three decades.

Describe in details how the program
or services meet the needs of families and children:

found John and his spouse in a homeless camp at San Jose in a bad health conditon.
He was not able to manage his diabetes while being in the camp. John’s legs were
amputated. HomeFirst acted quickly to find an owner who could board John’s
income level and special requirements. Today, he is warm and safe.

who is a single parent who hardly made ends meets in shared housing. He lost
that place too. Mate started living in his car while his children moved in with
his relative. HomeFirst granted him housing subsidy so he could stay with his
children. They also helped him enroll in a career training program. Now he is
capable to create more secure future for his family.




Name:  Community Child Care
Council (4Cs) of Santa Clara County

Child Care Council, 150 River Oaks Pkwy F-1, San Jose, CA 95134


[email protected]

M-F 8:30 am – 5:00 pm by appointments only

of services: Fees are determined based upon the Child
Care and Development Family Fee Schedule provided by the California Department
of Education. By using total income and size of the family, the family fee is calculated.
This fee will be charged to the parents for each day that the Community Child
Care Council reimburses the child care provider.

requirements: 4C Council offers 7 different funded
child care packages to help fully or partially pay for the cost of child care
if you are a low-income parent. To be able to subsidy from these programs,
parents must meet precise requirements depending on each program.

Stage II is the top
program supported by CalWORKs. You may be eligible for this program, if your
answer is “YES” to all of the questions below

Have you received any grant from
CalWorks in the last 24 months or receiving grants from them?

Does any adult including you who are
living in the home are working, looking for employment, or enrolled in occupational
training program?

Does your family’s monthly income are
within these following range?









Max Gross Monthly Income









If the answer for all the above is yes,
then you can contact one of CalWORKs Enrollment Coordinators at 408-487-0623.

If the answer to any of the above
questions is No then you can contact one of 4C CEL staff at 4084870749

person for the organization: Child care Specialist

in details about the program and services:

The 4Cs follows the
below mentioned agencies

California Child Care Resource and
Referral Network

National Association of Child Care
Resource and Referral Agencies.

They serve as the
community child care link to provide amenities to families who are working and
living in Santa Clara County.  Their
referral amenities to parents are confidential and free. They help families to find
the right child care provider. 4Cs also offers several other resources to help
families who are eligible to pay for child care services while they go to
school, work or find jobs.




in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:
Annually, the 4C’s referral facilities help thousands of parents. The 4C’s
staff work closely with parents. They will also offer them with the contacts
and information they need to find appropriate child care.  Their staff is able to help you with the
following to:

Understand the different aspects of
child care

To find out your child care needs.

Provide referrals to child care
providers which match your needs.

Make a proper decision which is in favor
to you and your family.

When adding families
with providers, the 4C R&R Department reflects a number of aspects
beginning with the parents’ expressed needs. The 4C staff then contacts their
all their known child care programs in the county to find the sources of care
which meet those needs. Few of the conditions which they look for include

Program curriculum

Type of environment provided

Language requirements

Hours of service

Location of provider

Transportation services available

Special needs capability

Fees and subsidies

Along with providing
the parents with child care referral service, the 4C R Sector can help
the child care workers get their business happening and get the specialized
skills which needed in order for them to flourish.

Section staff grants a
number of amenities that support their region’s early care and education of
providers. This includes:

Licensed family child care

Licensed centers






Charities of Santa Clara County

Zanker Road, Suite 101, San Jose, CA 95134


[email protected]

/ Friday – 9.00 am /4.30 pm

of services: Free

requirements: The main requirements are the person
should be 18 and above, resident of Santa Clara County. The other requirements
are depending on their programs, Person who have been diagnosis of a mental
illness, people who are released from Jail, who are interested to work. They
need to get referral from Re-entry center.

person for the organization: Eila Latif, Program

in details about the program and services:

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara
County promotes and aids for people and relatives who are in need. Mainly to
those who are living in poverty. Ingrained in true values, they work to make a
more concerned community in which people of all principles and cultures can contribute.

They aid people to arise out of
poverty by giving the tools that they need to develop self-reliant. Their amenities
help low-income people and families including immigrants and refugees, with
English skills, financial education and employment training.




The Employment Center provides for
groups and individuals:

Employment preparation services

Job development services

Post-employment support

The services provided by them are

Situational assessment

Job readiness

Job development, placement, and job

Job coaching

in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:

Catholic Charity
serves Focus for Labor program. This is accessible only to the inhabitants of
Santa Clara, they must be age 18 or over, who have a diagnosis of a mental
illness. They should be presently getting services from Santa Clara County Mental
Health, and want to work. They provide distinct and group employment training,
job development facilities and post-employment support for adult.

The Right Directions Program is available
to citizens of Santa Clara County, age 18 or over, who are interested in employment.
Referrals are given by Re-entry Resource Center. They deliver distinct and
group employment training, professional case administration, and post-employment
support and job development services.






Their worker has almost sixty years
mutual practice placing hundreds of job seekers.

They will support you in your job
search with:

Situational assessment

Resume writing

Job application assistance

Practice interviews

Cold calling employers

Time management

Job placement and retention

Job coaching and follow-along support
after placement up to 90 days














Name:  Loaves & Fishes
Family Kitchen

Berger Drive, San Jose, CA 95112

(408) 922-9085

[email protected]

/ Friday -9.00am/6.00pm

of services: Free

requirements: No requirements anyone can walk in and
have dinner.

person for the organization: Hyru


in details about the program and services:

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen brings healthy meals
which are served to people with a diverse distress for families, homeless and
the seniors. Many of their guests are low-income people who are in need of
food. They avoid hunger and malnourishment. Insufficient diet leads to obesity
and increase threat of heart sickness and diabetes. Expectant women can have
life threatening issues because of undernourishment. In the past year Loaves
& Fishes have:

their number of meals by ninety three percent

their cost of meal by thirty seven percent

twenty more children.

Loaves & Fishes majorly aids people who earn
less than $20,000per annum.  Many people
have to take multiple jobs. They also need to live in shared apartment’s .So
they don’t have time to cook and buy groceries.

in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen help serve hot
and healthy meals on week days through Bay Area.  Many guests come to Hot Meals at their community
dining rooms.  Loaves & Fishes Family
Kitchen is also partner with 25 other nonprofits organizations. Loaves &
Fishes Family Kitchen trusts allow agencies to emphasis on their main services
while sharing the slight resources accessible in Santa Clara. Healthy food allows
children to concentrate better during school.

Loaves & Fishes Family Kitchen
Hot Meals program offers more than 7,000 healthy free meals. They serve meals
every week in community centers, senior residences, nonprofit agencies and
churches. They wisely plan their meals to meet both the preferences of their visitors
and the nutritional needs. They use fresh vegetables, fruits and healthy
protein. They avoid  canned or processed
foods. Their meal contains of soup, salad, fresh fruit, bread, baked chicken,
rice, dessert, and coffee, milk, and juice.








Name:  Valley Homeless Clinic
at Alexian

Alexian Drive, Suite D, San Jose, CA 95116


Not Available


            Thursday – Friday- 8.30am/5.00pm

of services: Free

requirements: They need to have County Medical
Coverage or Valley Health Coverage

person for the organization: Natasha Hamilton

in details about the program and services:

Valley Homeless Healthcare Program delivers
whole healthcare facilities to the homeless of Santa Clara County. VHHP delivers
and tracks a patient centric medical home like setting. They also deliver prime
care services in medical mobile clinics and free standing clinics. The Alexian
Medical Clinic helps the homeless peoples in Santa Clara County. The Alexian
Medical clinic provides medical care, psychiatry, psychology, social work, and
financial counseling. Walk-ins are accepted on first come first serve basis.

in details how the program or services meet the needs of families and children:

The VHHP delivers a number of amenities
and packages at diverse localities throughout Santa Clara County.

Santa Clara County Medical Respite Program is a patient focused, medically included
program that aids homeless person that have been discharged as an inpatient
from one of nine  County Hospitals of
Santa Clara. This collective program among the VHHP and Hospital Council of
Northern & Central California, HomeFirst Shelter delivers medical, mental
health and social services for the customers who are referred by the
County.  The MRP delivers a fresh, harmless
place for the patients to improve and continue with self-care rather than to
recover on the streets. 


There is Medical Mobile Unit that offers health
care, community work, and psychology services. Medical appointments are being
sent to Valley Medical Center for further follow up.


The Backpack Homeless Healthcare Program delivers
health care to the homeless who doesn’t have shelter. BHHP team ups with other
homeless organization to conduct needed health care to homeless people. BHHP
delivers health care on the campsites, parks, streets, and, wherever they find