Ladies and gentlemen, this is a speech on the subject of horses. Horses are animals that man has interacted a lot with in his life. In this speech we shall look at the various ways that horses have helped man to carry on his daily works. I will share with you in this speech the much knowledge I have gathered on these animals. This knowledge will change the way some of us view the horses as we realize we have more benefits to reap from them that we previously thought. It will also help us to understand the ways in which we can handle the horses gently.

This should help us prioritize the health of the horses. The speech evaluates the way horses were of use to man before the coming of the automobile. Perhaps some of us do not understand why the engine power is measured in horsepower. In this speech, we shall learn how the term horsepower came about. Some of us also may not know that the horse was the earliest mode of transportation. In the early days, the automobiles did not exist but people needed to transport farm inputs and products as much as transporting these and more products is needed today.

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We shall learn the exact ways in which the horse helped man to transport his goods. The speech will also explain to us the early ways of man sustaining himself. Today we have industries that have their roots from ancient day development. We shall in this regard appreciate the early man’s inventions. Horses were in the olden days animals that took man to the battlefield. Horses were most valued as assets for not only individual persons but also by armies and countries. We may wonder, how possible it was to have animals in the battlefield? To learn that and much more, hold on and I will explain.

The horses have been the center of many myths, stick around to learn them and the how. Did you know that horses have provided food and fuel to man? Well, you have the chance to learn today. Conclusion After a careful analysis of how man and horses have been close and the way each of them has benefited from the interaction, we can conclude that the interaction is not about to end. In fact, man is making concerted efforts to improve on this interaction as he establishes care centers to take care of the horses. He trains the horses how to participate in games and follow the guideline issued by man.

We have also learnt that horses were used for transport of agricultural production as they tilled land. They pulled the carts and managed to till larger tracts of land than man alone could. In some places in the world today, horses are still being used to perform these activities. We have also leant that in wars, horses pulled chariots that carried the armory and they chased after the enemies. Horse riders were men of war who carried swords and they could slash many enemies at the comfort of the horseback (Horses and Horse Information, 2007).

We have also learnt that horses are nowadays being kept as household pets. People enjoy riding on their back or just walking around with them. Cowboys also man their ranches on horseback. The interaction of man and horses will not end but will take new dimensions every time. We should therefore improve the care we take for these horses. There are clearly many benefits that man draws from the interaction with the horses and in return, man should take good care of the horses.