If, for some reason, one were to utilize ridicule for the good of man, it is all good and well; some would say this small miracle is not even worth mentioning. And if, as usual, the practice is used to humiliate or intimidate, it can be just as easily dismissed. After all, what is ridicule composed of? It is just a crude form of inductive argument, posing only humanly inferred reasoning and practically littered with fallacies. The fact that these fallacies are usually intended to ridicule is irrelevant; one needs only to know so and the words will just slide off his back.

He who does will realize the one major flaw in ridicule is not what it is used for, but the very fact that it has no real logic on which to base its allegations. There are those who, for one reason or another, are able to make daily use of ridicule. This could be where the word talent, in relation to ridicule, comes in to play. These talented few are a dying breed – the “ridiculers” and the “ridiculees” eventually realize the blatant lack of intelligence and potential involved and begin to learn from the past.

Since the ridiculer’s form of inductive reasoning can argue any evidence to prove a given point, one could even get away with attacking the cherished icons of society. Perhaps Albert Einstein, in one mislead person’s eyes, could be ridiculed for his theories because of the fact that he is Jewish. Too bad Einstein doesn’t have a theory on morons pointing out their own stupidity, because it would apply to more things than E=mc2.

For what has the ridiculer then done – other than mock his own lack of intelligence… ence the beauty of inductive reasoning. Before any of this can be considered, however, before one is to choose vice and folly or virtue and good sense as his targets, the critic would need someone to criticize. Alone, he is nothing because he can create nothing and has nothing to say without something to ridicule. And even when he does ridicule, he is doing nothing productive. All in all, the whole cycle is ineffective and those who practice it find themselves wanting.

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Everyone can do it, and none of them achieve anything. The flaw in ridicule is the same for everyone. One assumes no goal, and his argument is always an opinion, lacking in logical basis. “Sticks and stones may break one’s bones, but words will never hurt him. ” He who grasps the age-old concept can be impassive to all the taunts in the book, all the hecklers in the world, and will find it all the easier to pass off the hollow insults that have been given all too much worth.


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