The social problem that is addressed in this article is about “gays”. The situation occurs in Tennessee and has to do with a bill being passed that does not allow the talk about homosexuals in grades Kindergarten through 8th. A bill was passed and expired in 2012 that the subject of homosexuals is forbidden to be talked about in grades K-8. “The bill is back and even worse. Why? This time, Stacey Campfield, the woman that passed the first bill about gays back in 2011, added new language in the bill that would require teachers to tell parents when students are- or might be- gay” says a Tennessee elementary school teacher, Katie McDonough.

The article cites Politicians as claim makers in this case. Although the cause of this problem is not directly stated, it is implied that the cause of this problem is because people find it abnormal for kids to be conversing about gay people with their peers. As of right now nothing is said that can be done about this problem. Although people can be the ones to make a change and overwrite this bill. Protests, community related conferences, and much more can be done.

If people set their mind to make a change, a change will come. Just like in freedom riders, maybe not right away, but over a period of time. This issue may just seem like a little problem in the state of Tennessee, but looking at it from a bigger perspective, this can lead down a very bad path. Gays are already a big social issue here in America in today’s society. The fact that elementary schools are trying to band the words and talks of homosexuals can lead to a much larger dispute than people realize.

Those kids that are not allowed to speak of the word “gay” or talk about that way of living will grow up and think that there is something wrong with gay people because they were never allowed to speak about them when they were younger. They will grow to look down upon gay people, which will cause a bigger social problem in the future. Gay marriage is already looked down upon and illegal in some states. Something as little as a bill like this can lead to a future that is completely against gay marriage, or gay people at all.

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My opinion on this article would completely disagree with this bill. Our society is trying to get people to accept gay people, and with a bill like this your teaching children that being gay is different and that those people should not socially be accepted. I feel that in grades K-8, being gay and gay marriage should be strongly talked about that way it is no surprise when these kids see a gay person in the real world when they’re out on their own.


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