Hocus Pocus Hospitals

In his article entitled “Hocus Pocus Hospitals”, published in the Sun e paper, 2006, Radzuan Halim discusses the issue of whether the alternative medicine should be allowed to be practiced in government hospitals. First and foremost, Health Minister Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek who is western doctor gives explanation that there is no regard for hocus pocus or peculiar rituals but “suitable” components of alternative medicine from government. These include “safe” herbal products, physical therapy (as for stroke victims), oncology (cancer cures) and benefits like pain management, mental health, wellness management and wholesome healing.

Chua took it as proven that acupuncture, reflexology and postnatal massage were effective medical procedures. Then, he said that he had taken up the matter with a friend who is a foreign-trained surgeon. His friend objected to the use of “alternative” or “complementary” to describe non-western medicine. He emphasized the “evidentiary” aspect of western medicine. He also concludes that the government should not seek to introduce alternative medicine in its public hospitals but he thinks alternative medicine should be provided by private organizations located outside government hospitals.

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In my point of view, I agree with author’s standpoint that alternative medicine should not be allowed to use in government hospital. It is because alternative medicine is not evidence-based and its treatment or procedures are not transparent. Besides, it also creates hospital administration problem. In this article, the writer’s friend thinks that western medicine which is based upon western science is evidence-based but alternative medicine is not. However, some western therapies such as chemotherapy are not the best way to cure cancer.

Inversely, it even destroys a patient’s immune system. According to Adams (2006), chemotherapy, virtually destroy a person’s immune system since it does not target cancer cells. In fact, chemotherapy kills far, far more healthy cells than it does cancer cells. On the other hand, people who are seeking out alternative therapies are actually surviving from cancer. They change their lifestyle to learn about nutrition and start consuming cancer-fighting superfoods such as chlorella and spirulina.

They are people who take anti-cancer herbs such as licorice root and graviola which is a powerful anti-cancer herb that has been shown to be 10,000 times more useful than chemotherapy at targeting cancer cells without being harmful to the patients (Adams, 2004). By the way, it is true that there is a weakness of western medicine to cure cancer disease. Nevertheless, to gain the acceptance, a therapy has to be fully explained how is the procedure or cure works and test it on sufficient number of patient in order to justify its effectiveness.

Western medicine has been going through all of this to prove its effort but alternative medicine is not. As there are alternative therapies likewise faith healers, dispenser of holy water and magic mushroom which are so-called quacks are definitely can not be justified through doing any scientific methodology. It is because they are not based upon clinical trials and proven practices but invisible or spooky power. What we need is the clear evidence. Furthermore, the procedures or treatment of alternative medicine are opaque. All that we can see from its procedures are just intangible and unscientific tricks.

On the other way, it can be defined as quackery such as faith healers, dispenser of holy water and magic mushroom. Besides, there is a survey which is surveyed among American, conducted for American Demographics by market research firm Taylor Nelson Sofres Intersearch has found that the most popular alternative therapy is “faith healing” (Fetto, 2001). It also known as prayer which is referred to healing supernaturally, as the result of prayer rather than the use of medicines or the involvement of physicians or other traditional remedy.

It is usually called a miracle when an alleged cure by faith healing occurs in a religious background. According to James Randi who is a professional magician, has contended that those self-styled faith healers carry out a shameless deception. They claimed to be doing “God’s work” and pretending that they can invoke divine help to cure sickness. In fact, they play a trick upon the patient in the purpose of taking their money (Fall, 1990). Most of faith healings are successful as the cooperation of healer and patient.

They are working together, believing in the treatment and strongly desiring the treatment to work. In addition, there is an evidence that a child who was given a year to live by doctors was given a trip to Lourdes where he and his family were convinced that he had been cured by the miraculous waters there. However, he died a year later due to his leukemia which has been predicted by his doctors in the end (Carroll, 2006). As we can see, it such a miserable aftermath for those who still believe in these heals work.

Therefore, alternative treatment is really horrific as it even can bring death. Additionally, alternative medicine creates hospital administration problem as well. Among the western treatment services, there are actually organized by a biggest and complicated system to go through. Thus, the medical services can be run systematically in every different department. Indeed, hospital services are divided into many departments likewise cancer center, pharmacy, pathology, radiation therapy and many more.

So, how do those services can undergo within a hospital smoothly and efficiently everyday while there are many services are dissimilar have to endure? For the result, that there must be the most complex and tough system to control them. Therefore, let us imagine that if alternative medicine is being introduced in government hospitals, it would be a mess-up and will simply break the actual system. And, not only can that break the system, it also would lead difficulty to government.

As given the level of economic situation these days, government cannot afford to provide the equipment of hospital. Since the best procedures, skills, medicines and facility that needed to be used in hospital are surely high cost (Halim, 2006). In conclusion, I really support the writer’s viewpoint. He summed up the government should not seek to introduce alternative medicine in its public hospitals. For the reason that alternative medicine is not evidence-based, its treatment or procedures are not transparent and even creates hospital administration problem as well.