Hitler had a very high priority on children, because he needed soldiers for the future that have unbinding loyalty to him. He needed the kids to fight his future wars and defend his country. The children were sent to strict schools that encouraged them to be obedient to Adolf and his cause. They were taught all about his ideals on society and the future of Germany. They were taught about the Aryan race and why they were the supreme and racial purity depending on anything from skin color to how big your nose is. He also didn’t like handicapped people he would tell the people that they were inferior to them and they should not be as well liked. Many of the german people treated them badly or just acted liked they didn’t notice them. We see this is lore when she goes to the barn and the boy working had a clubbed foot and she kinda looked at him and didn’t say anything. In my opinion Lore did not change her opinion on her Hitler ideologies but I believe there is a good reason. You have to remember they were taught from a young age that Hitler was a pretty good guy and honestly he did some good things for Germany obviously the bad out weighed the good  but to them he was doing good stuff for them. Not to mention that her family loved Hitler her dad was a captain in the army and her mom adored the man as well and was really depressed when she found out that he had died even more so than when her husband was sent to prison. I think that after awhile she began to change like when she met Thomas and he told her everything and when they were shown pictures of the camp and the conditions the jews and criminals were put into. She at first didn’t believe the pictures and thought they were probably forged but that is only because of her undying loyalty to Hitler. I do not think that Lore’s name is connected to Hitler in any way shape or form I may be wrong but I just don’t think that they are connected. But it might have to do with Norse mythology. Norse mythology is largely responsible for its negative reputation. The horrible atrocities committed by hitler’s nazi regime forever tarnished the study of the Norse myths, causing them to become disregarded, even up to the present day. As a result to the the people who might have otherwise been interested  in the Viking myths and sagas avoided them for fear of being labeled a Nazi sympathizer. Which is very sad because Norse mythology does not in any way have anything to do with the nazi regime and it does not encourage it. All right in conclusion Hitler needed children for his plans for the future. Lore might be related to Norse mythology. And I do not believe that Lore gave up her ideals on Hitler and Nazi Germany.


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