The advanced technology helps us to communicate with others. High-speed electronic media, such as email and TV, gives us a lot of meaningful communications. These cutting-edge technologies are powerful to enhance our communication in many ways. If we use them properly, they are better than many other media in exchanging meaningful information. We can find a lot of thoughtful programs from the advanced technology.

Enoromous amount of educational websites are provided for students, and these websites help students improve their knowledge in an interactive way. Some TV programs are not only good for students but also adults, for example, the historical programs. We can learn Hilter, Mao, and Einstein from TV. The new technology bestow us many meaningful programs. The improving technology are very effective and efficient in expressing ideas. Most meaningful programs can knowledge can be distributed efficiently.

As many people have watched the Discovery Channel, the natural events can be introduced to a lot of audience. Sometimes emails help us to deliver meaningful news among people whom we know and care. I have received some emails from my friend telling me how to struggle after graduation; I have got some emails about how a mother treat her sons well. The new technology give us a lot of meaningful information to us. Thus we have chances to think about people and things around us.

On the other hand, the high-speed electronic media transmits information in higher quality and higher quantity than many other traditional media. As the response time is not fast enough, people cannot use letters or tapes to exchange quick feedbacks. As the data is not comprehensive enough, people cannot use telephone to implement world-wide conferences. As the nature of the media is not creative enough, you can seldom find abstract but concise information, such as “;)”, except the new technology like emails.

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The new technology can solve the above problems, and it bestows us new forms of communication. These communication can be thoughtful or bad depends on the usage. The new technology itself do not hinder our quality communication at all. In sum, the high-speed communication provided us a lot of thoughtful programs. They are powerful and efficient enough to hold many kinds of good programs. Also, the new technology provide more ways than other meida in introducing good idea. It is we, the users, choose to use them meaingfully or not.


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